MLK – A great leader and even better orator!

Enjoy your day off, if you have it. I would implore you to take 17 minutes out of your day to have a listen to Martin Luther King’s “I have a dream” speech. We have the day off in rememberance of a great American leader. Let us not forget that he was fighting for the rights of ALL Americans.

His greatest power was his oratory. There are plenty of great speakers, but a great orator is a rarity. An orator must not only communicate his/her words with clarity, but he must be able to move the audience much like musician. An orator has a charasmatic presence, a melodic tonal quality to their voice and the delivery is as much music as it is speech.

Listen to this speech given by a master orator. Listen to the chorus’ and the melodies. Listen as he crescendos to his big finish where the words of his speech AND the notes of his oratorical song are a passionate call to action.


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