DalyDose of…Stereotyping – not just words

Stereo                                                                                                        typing
is hard                                                                                                       and silly.
Typing in                                                                                                  stereo
is a waste                                                                                                 of effort.
Typing on the left                                                                                       and
typing on the                                                                                             right,
just separates                                                                                         the words.


What about all that middle-ground?  

If we stop typing in stereo, it can all just come together.  Bringing all the words closer together allows them to work together. The mind is free to comprehend thoughts and ideas and put it all together in an intelligible way.  Free of the seperation of

stereo                                                                                                       typing

one’s perspective won’t get lost.  It all just seems to make sense.  Does that make sense? 

Are the words not just a collection of the same letters?  Doesn’t artificially seperating them just serve to confuse?

Words aren’t people, but people are their word.  Make sure the words that you use aim not to divide in confusion, but rather to unite in understanding.   If you find yourself noticing what’s different about someone, please consider what you have in common.

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