DalyDose of…iPad – and I’m Underwhelmed

I’m underwhelmed by this iPad thing, especially with all of the hype surrounding it.  It’s no secret that I’m a well documented iPhobe, but I’ve tried to put that aside and be objective here.   I predict that only the most hardcore iSheep will be flocking to this overgrown iPod Touch.  I can see a future for the device and others like it, but it’s not there in the present.

What’s wrong with it?

  • No camera.
  • No phone calling.
  • Another $30/month for unlimited Internet access on top of what you’re paying for your phone and home Internet access.
  • That *name*!!! Sounds like something that will revolutionize how women deal with uh…well…you get what I’m saying.
  • It’s kinda big to lug around and it will DEFINITELY need a case to protect all of that glass.  You might as well keep using your laptop/netbook.
  • It’s too small to get “real” work done, especially with no keyboard.  Again, keep your laptop/netbook.
  • New, untested processor that Apple designed in-house.  Why didn’t they use Intel?

What’s good about it?

  • The claimed battery life is amazing.
  • The multi-touch capability on a device that size might change things…someday.
  • This would be great to watch movies with on a plane.
  • I imagine there will be some niche applications that will be great;  I can see in-the-field photo editing and possible video work.

I looks like it would be an OUTSTANDING book/magazine reader, albeit an expensive one.  The kindle is monochrome and really only for books.  Something tells me that Amazon might kick it up a notch now though.

Speaking of books: I hope one day kids will just have to carry something like this vs. the backbreaking load of tree carcass that they have to walk around with now.  The only concern is that Apple is notoriously proprietary so I’ll have to root for equal marketshare for Kindle and iPad and Sony and whomever else jumps in, so that there can be a standard file type and users can CHOOSE which device they want to carry around.

What’s the damage?

  • 16GB = $499
  • 32GB = $599
  • 64GB = $699

The Internet access is provided by AT&T exclusively, but the device isn’t locked and there is no contract and can be used with WiFi only.  Here’s what the access will cost you:

  • 250MB/month $14.99
  • Unlimited Access $29.99

So it appears that I’m in no danger of making my 1st ever Apple purchase.  Although, with some improvements and openness to 3rd party content (Netflix, Hulu, Amazon), I *just* might in the future.


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  1. Nice write-up but there are 2 major omissions in the “what’s wrong with it?” portion:

    1) No Flash support – sorry Steve Jobs but you can’t claim to have the best web browsing experience if you can’t support a de facto standard of the Internet which every major content provider uses for video (BBC, CNN, FoxNews, ESPN, Hulu, Most Major TV networks, etc.)

    2) No Multitasking – without being able to run 2 or more concurrent applications on a 10″ screen is just a complete miss.

    I love my iPhone and have tons of Apple products (AppleTV, MacMinis, iPods, Hifi, etc.) but I won’t be purchasing an iPad until they fix #1, possibly #2 and add a front-side Camera to do Skype Video Conf Calling. Seriously, most Netbooks at the iPad price ranging can do more.

    I see the potential but iPad version #2 better fix these obvious deal-breakers.

    My two cents…

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