DalyDose of…digital garage sale

Nothing like the Internet to just throw open a virtual garage sale!  Team up with Facebook, Craigslist, WordPress and Twitter and I might have something going here:  Having this garage sale can solve two problems that I have.

1.  I got too much stuff
2.  I could use an influx of cashola

All hail technology for letting put this together in a couple of hours with just my laptop, a digital camera and an Internet connection!!  Now on to the shopping!


Need music samples and loops for digital music creation??
Loops & Samples Bundle

Professional HD video/audio editing for Windows
Sony Vegas + DVD

Easily create royalty-free soundtracks for your video projects
Sony Cinescore – soundtrack software

Projessional Audio Production/Editing for Windows
Sony Sound Forge 9 w/ Training DVD

More music loops and sample for your digital music studio
ACID Music Loops: Chicago Fire – A Dance Music Anthology

Software for loop based music creation
Sony Acid Pro 6

My original “classic” XBox with LOTS of extras thrown in
XBox + lots of extras

Old Palm PDA
Palm Tungsten E

Another old PDA from Dell
Dell Axim X30 PocketPC


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