A DalyDose of…Public Service Announcement

This one is from deep in the vault and is being brought out and re-released by request.

As you all know, I care deeply about kids…they are the future, ya know.  Unfortunately, I think our society coddles the lil buggers too much.  We need some tough love to compete against the forces of evil that threaten to steal the hearts & minds of the youngins.  OK, my rant is over.  You get the picture.  This kid thing is sort of…ya know…important.

I prefer to employ a “tough love” stance and for that, I was inspired to put together a Public Service Announcement to scare kids straight.

This was done and the DalyDose Studios (my living room) with a camcorder and rudimentary green-screen technology.  I channeled my inner convict to bring the message.  Enjoy!


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