A DalyDose of….Man’s Last Stand??

I was watching the SuperBowl yesterday and among the all commercials, one stood out.  Yeah, there were funnier ones and more touching ones and arguably even more clever ones.  (see this Lunch.com list for a good sampling) This particular commercial, however stuck out to me for a variety of reasons.  Before I comment further, please take 30 Tivo-free seconds and (gasp) watch the commercial:

OK, why did this commercial standout?  Well, the voice of Dexter, for one, if you’re a fan of that show.  The fact that we were lured in with narrative that rings true for any man who has had a relationship that lasted longer than next morning’s breakfast, is yet another reason.  What really struck me about what I consider to be an undoubtedly unique and effective ad, is the notion of the choice of car as “man’s last stand”.

The video argument is compelling, for sure.  As I was watching and grinning and nodding in agreement, something was tugging at my thoughts.  Was this really the last stand for men?  Somewhere in the memory vaults of my mind another argument was recalled.  YES…it was from the BBC sitcom “Coupling”, not be confused with the horrific American version.  Check out this video clip of a rant, from Steve, about men and what he believes should be considered our last stand. (NOTE: yes, you recognize the actor from his role in the “Pirates of the Caribbean” films)

So, we have two passionate arguments for “Man’s Last Stand”.  The Dodge Charger SuperBowl ad supports the…uh…Dodge Charger and thus, the car.  Steve in “Coupling” makes the case for the bathroom.

Where do you stand on this whole “last stand” issue?  Please vote in the poll below and feel free to wax poetic in the comment section!

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