DalyDose of…Work Wanted!!

People often ask “what do you do?” and I always find it difficult to answer that question.  Sometimes, I wonder if it’s just a bit of smalltalk.  Sometimes, I wonder if people use that to define you by your job.  Lately, I’m hoping it is because they want to assist in connecting me with new opportunities.

As my schedule is currently wide open and in need of some revenue generating activities, I thought I’d “put it out there” that I’m looking for gigs and what exactly it is that I do.  I made up the following flyer that gives a brief overview of my “Renaissance man like” roster of competencies.  If you know of anyone who could utilize my services, please let me know.

Thanks tons!


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  1. Jeff: I love how you have concisely, professionally and attractively worded and packaged what you do.

    Posting your qualifications like this shows that you are real and it is an interesting point in general to find out why someone is asking a question such as, “What do you do?”

    As you know, I own an employment agency and the best that I could do for you would be a J-O-B. Would you want that instead of working for yourself and consulting? I am not sure what we have in the LA area at the moment and I would be happy to introduce you to our IT specialist if you could discuss with her if you are looking for a short term assignment or permanent position.


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