DalyDose of…Priorities: Women and Money

I remember being in Chicago and studying improvisation at the Second City Conservatory. Someone told me that learning to let your mind grasp the skill of improvisation will not only help you as a performer, but it will change the way that you view and communicate in life.

This truth presented itself today in a conversation that I had with a friend over IM. In the stream of consciousness that is typical of instant messaging with me, she asked me what’s going on in my life. My response was something like:

Trying to find a woman, as usual. Trying to find money, as usual. Then I stop and realize that I’m in Los Angeles and I should get the money first and the women will find ME!

I cracked myself up over this, but it made me think about the states of both courtship and revenue generation in Los Angeles. They both seem to require a ton of work these days, when it used to be easy.

In dating, it really does seem to be more than a passing joke that women in Los Angeles are looking for men with enviable financial assets. I have plenty of women friends and they will even admit it, if pressed on the subject. This leaves little doubt in my mind that my current fiscal woes correlate perfectly with…physical ones.

I hate to hear people complain about the economy, but we of the self-employed ilk provide a living barometer on the business environment. There was a time when I could count on word of mouth in my computer business and I would get a major job or two each month and a variety of smaller jobs to go along with it. These days, I feel fortunate to get a minor job or two a month. There are times when I get frustrated and ponder leaving Los Angeles for grad school or a “real job” somewhere else. For the time being, I am here and will need to make do and weather the storm.

So, I need to get on the money train.

Question for myself: Am I doing it for the money or am I doing it for “her”?
Question for you: Should I “fake it til I make it” and play the Hollywood game?

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  1. So I’m thinking you’re asking all truthful questions.

    How can we not get wrapped up in the messy competition of dating in LA? It seems there is some strategy to help us be “victorious” on the surface of this dating scene, but I truly believe, after going through a recent dating stint, that no matter what your angle is, there’s bound to be something to mess with your game plan.

    And so whether you do it for the girls, or you “fake it till you make it”, it’s all just a plan. It’s a game. It makes my head hurt trying to find the right approach by asking myself how to infiltrate the other team’s bunker…so maybe if it seems too complicated, we just have to fly by the seat of our pants for a moment.

    • You are a woman of virtue and it is good to know that some women out there are immune to the curse of Los Angeles. Keep up the fight and we’ll all find some treasure in this junkyard! šŸ™‚

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