DalyDose of…Bearded JD

JD with 2 weeks beard growth

JD with 2 weeks beard growth

Have you ever asked yourself, “what would Jeff Daly look like with a beard”?  Well, you wouldn’t be alone, because I’ve asked myself that same question…but it’s never been done…until NOW!

I’ve never done it before for a variety of reasons that have to do with professionalism, image and the juxtaposition between my personality and the social stereotypes about men with beards.

YEAH RIGHT…like I care about that stuff! 🙂  The main reason that I’ve never tried it before is because it itches more than a…more than…more…ahhh, I can’t think of any folksy saying for how much it itches, but TRUST me, this itching deserves a folksy saying.

This is the second week of my face-weed farming and I’m fairly pleased with the results.  I think it is growing in a relatively even fashion.  There are some spots that seems a wee bit fuller than others, but we’ll give it another week.  I’ve also grown my hair out longer than normal as well.  The experience has been a bit “hairy” but I’ll get over it…it’s been “growing on me” stubbly, I mean subtly.

The plan is to have the beard fill in and then take some headshots with it.  I will enlist the services of my friend Caiti of Cate Black Photography to help me by taking her premium brand of pictures.  I hope we can capture several stages of shaving both my face and my skull.

As for the look, I think it gives me some ruggedness.  I have found myself contemplating whether avoiding the razor’s edge has given me the appearance of a slightly more bad-boy edge.  Maybe the ladies will dig this new look JD.  My kisses have new dimension, they can be both passionate AND exfoliating now.  Maybe I should venture out before shaving it off to do a little field study:  will women welcome whiskers…and the alliterative wordsmith behind them, or will they crave clean-cut cara? Note: I used ‘cara’, which means ‘face’ in Spanish, to finish the alliteration theme.

That’s it for now.  I’m gonna go ahead and wash my face and see if I can soften this beard up.  I meant it when I said this thing is itchy.  It’s itchier than a…nope I still got nothing on the folksy front.

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