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Jeff Daly Experience - Lookin at you

I want you, in the Jeff Daly Experience

When I went through the conservatory of The Second City in Chicago, I was told that opening your mind to the mastery of improvisation will change how you view the world and how you communicate.  I can tell you that this is true.  Many times I find myself letting things fall out of my mouth or onto the keyboard.  I think that attitude also helps bring out great stuff from the people around.

With that in mind, here are some samples of some of the stuff that has been said/written in the JD Experience recently.  Some of these things are pure gold and I wanted to share them in a blog entry.  I think I am going to start collecting these types of things for future JDE blog entries.  I typically forget this stuff right after it happens…

If you hear me (or someone else) throw out a gem, make me jot it down or voice record it in Evernote on my phone, so I can include it.  For those of you who can’t be with me 24 hours a day, well…this is for you!


Twitter and Facebook status
“If I put hard boiled egg AND chicken on my salad…is that “family dining”?


About my friend
“Lesbians make the best wingmen”


IM to my friend about $$$
My 2010 Discretionary spending = groceries


IM exchange
Me: gratzi
Friend: Prego
Friend: Those are the two words in Italian that I know.
Me: I sooooo resisted saying “It’s in there”, like the Prego commercial, but now I told on myself


Not said by me, but it was IM’d TO me, so I’ll take some credit.
Friend: Gotta go, fragrant baby alert!


Me talking about cool peeps that I know
Me: I love Michigan people!   Why do so many of them have to live in Michigan, though?


IM exchange
Me: watch out cuz I figure I know soooo many people that “she” might already be in my circle and I might have to start promoting from w/in the FZone!!! Even if it doesn’t work, I’ll get good stories out of it! ha ha
Friend: at least let me Flip it
(reference to Flip video that she LOVES playing with; all while ignoring my covert flirt)


VDay Status Update
Valentines 2010 Resolution: more X’s than O’s this year. Too much “Friend Zone” last year


Soccer Game Convo
Hot female opponent to my teammate: “You’re going down!”
Me while raising my hand like a schoolchild: “I will”


A VDay text I sent
“Happy Valentine’s from a secret admirer. Oh wait…this shows who it’s from, huh? Damnitalltohell!  :)”


My reactionary review of Avatar
“It was like I imagine being the only male in an orgy of Playmates would be like.  While you’re there all the senses are at maximum stimulation, but after you leave…you feel a little empty.”

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