DalyDose of….Movie Inspiration!

Oh YouTube, you are a true friend indeed.  While I search away for roommates and jobs in a never-ending battle against poverty, you provide me with an uplifting video.  I know, I know…people deride you for your endless supply of cat videos and self-righteous rantings, but I know that deep down you care.

I saw this video a few months ago and with a timely brain link, I thought of it again today.  I was at the point of giving up and seeing how much of my stuff I could actually fit into a roomy appliance box on the street, and then my memory gifted me with this video.  The endless streams of people in equal or worse predicaments, all inspired by syllabic prodding of speech is enough to make a man in the electric chair just KNOW that a power outage will delay his fate long enough for the governor to misdial and then laugh it off and mercifully declare “this must be your lucky day”.

I credit the editor with pulling all of this together from a wide variety of film genres across the decades.  I marvel at the organization, patience and attention to detail that must go into piece together just a project.  In that respect, he inspires me to add more organization, patience and attention to detail in these current pursuits.  Still, it is the collective messages of inspiration from the final product that I want you to focus on.

Let’s now watch it together and then I must harness the cinema-induced surge of adrenaline and press on!  Enjoy the video…enjoy your day.

Before you run out and conquer the world…don’t forget:


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