DalyDose of…Avatar

It was how I imagine being the only male in a orgy full of Playmates would be.  While you’re there, your senses are at maximum sensation and you are having a great time.  The next day though, you feel a little empty.

With all the hype this film couldn’t possibly live up to the legend, could it??  Well, in case you haven’t seen the movie or saw it a while ago, here’s the trailer:

I was able to see this movie on the Fox Studio lot as part of the SAG Film Society.  I took my friend Caiti (www.cateblackphotography.com) and we rolled onto the lot to watch the magic happen.  I have to say that one plus with this movie is the “Real 3D Glasses” cuz, I looked kinda smokin hot in them there fancified specs.  Ummm hmmm.

As for reviewing the film itself, I don’t have a ton to add, as my intro statement is a pretty comprehensive representation of how I felt about the film.  It was visually, a game changer.  The story seemed a little too familiar to me with forced perspectives that seemed to speak down to the audience.

I want to stick up for the film in one regard.  I had heard some people say that it was anti-military and even more troubling to me…anti-Marine Corps.  First off, the main character and pilot were both Marines chocked full integrity and honor, let’s not forget that.  The Colonel who was the movie’s “bad guy”, was a Marine, yes, but his job at the time of the film was that of a former Marine currently hired as a mercenary by the corporation.  I would say that this doesn’t seem to take a position on Marines or the military, other than the determination in pursuit of victory.

If you haven’t seen Avatar, go see it.  See it in IMAX 3D, if  you can because what makes the movie is the immersion experience.


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