DalyDose of…Victory

This is the World Cup trophy. We didn't win this...we only won our 1st game ever. The trophy is kind of inspiring and for us, we were just about as excited.

Some of you may know that I’ve been on a soccer team called the Mutt Sluts, named after our captain’s business, Melissa’s Mutt Hut & Cat Shack, in a Manhattan Beach league for two seasons.  We have had a…well…rough record.  We had tied twice and lost the rest of the games.  Tonight was our last regular season game of this second season and I guaranteed victory on a teammate’s Facebook wall.  Guess what world? WE WON the game 3-1 and we seemed to dominate from start to finish.  It was a great to remember the taste of victory.  Hopefully, this one great game will propel us to victory in the playoffs next week!  Oh how we’ve grown from a “drinking team with a soccer problem” into a real live performing soccer team.  Now, don’t get me wrong, we’ll still have the post-game adult beverage at good old OB’s right there in Manhattan Beach.

I know…you don’t come to my blog for a sports report.  You are expecting some brilliant life lesson to be learned, right.  Well, I try not  to disappoint.  Our soccer team has been a reflection of some of my life as of late.  Sure there was potential for greatness, but something always happened and a “win” was always just out of reach.  Now that there has been victory on the field, I am certain that massive wins are on the way in the game of life for Team JD.

Should I???  Should I???  OK, I am going to go ahead and guarantee some upcoming victories!

BONUS SNEAK PEAKthe next entry for “DalyDose of…The JD Experience” will have the following ditty from the game.  The other team had a cute girl who was a pretty good last defender/goalie and I had just subbed in at forward.  I stood next to her and said as I pointed to her goal:  “You and I have date over there in a bit…and I *always* score”!”  Laughter ensued from her and couple of people from both teams that heard me.

This victory was brought to you by Vita Coco.  One of my teammates reps the beverage and she brought a cooler full of it and it POWERED us to our first “W”.


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