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Oscar TrophyOK, I can’t really “review” the Oscars b/c I don’t watch any award shows.  They are long, boring and I really don’t care what people are wearing or what political comments they have to spew.  That being said, I do have thoughts.

  • The first award of the night went to Christopher Waltz.  I remember telling a friend of mine that watching him was like viewing an acting lesson in the middle of a film.  I don’t wanna toot my own horn (well, maybe I do), but I did predict this award publicly on August 12, 2009.  Yes, you can read it in my Lunch.com review of Inglorious Basterds
  • My favorite documentary and one of my favorite films of any genre in 2010 won for Best Documentary.  I didn’t predict it, but I sure gave it a grand review.  Check out my Lunch.com review of The Cove
  • I was UPSET at how difficult it was to get away from the Oscars.  I moseyed on down to Barney’s Beanery hoping to get a meal with some sporting action going on.  What was ON the TV’s in my neighborhood bar & grill?  You guessed it, the Oscars and I was just in time to see the awkward, Ben Stiller dressed as Avatar ‘bit’.  I had to walk out.
  • I was glad to see “Hurt Locker” win so much hardware.  I really liked that film and not just because it was military based.  I think the performances and the way it was shot had a documentary feel that took people into the situations and gave a feeling of experiencing just a taste of what that life is really like.  That’s great filmmaking to me.  Oh yeah, that whole first female director thing too, but I’m more impressed with how well the film was directed than I am in the gender of the director.
  • I have a question.  How come it’s OK for the Oscars to hire comedic actors to host the show and entertain the audience and viewers, but it’s not OK for them to…uh…you know…actually WIN an Oscar?  Are you telling me that when the roster of “Best Films” is expanded to TEN movies, that The Hangover doesn’t make that list?  REALLY?  I think the host should reflect the attitude of the event.  Get that James Lipton guy up there to be all serious and dramatic and tell them all how amazing and universally loved they are.  (Come to think about it, that would actually be pretty great!)
  • OMG, Sandra Bullock was so gracious and beautiful and Sarah Jessica Parker’s dress was AMAZING.  Thank you Twitter. ROFLMAO  j/k
  • Mo’Nique won Best Supporting actress.  SEE??? A comedic force has to play gutter ghetto villain, to get Academy attention.  I’m happy for her, but I still was a bit bitter from years ago when I was trying to enjoy a meal at Benihana and she was there with her entourage and they were LOUD and distracting.  At least now I can say I was once annoyed by an eventual Oscar winner!
  • I have to wonder how James Cameron feels this morning.  He spent so much (of other people’s) money on Avatar and it grossed insane amounts more and he loses the big awards (Film, Director) to his ex…whose “Hurt Locker” won more total Oscars as well.

That’s it…that’s all I have to say about the Oscars.  I am so glad that “award season” is over and all of the Hollywood types can get back to being creative.  I think I might just exercise extreme hypocrisy and go write a motivation Oscar acceptance speech for myself. 

Oh yeah, if anyone knows where one can see all of the short films that were nominated, I’d love to hear it.


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  1. You can get the short films on iTunes. Do it, I dare you.

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