DalyDose of…Pet Peeves

Warning: If your pet peeve is people referring to themselves in the 3rd person, then be prepared to be annoyed.  JD not only refers to himself in the 3rd person, but does so with his initials.  Why? Because JD is just that cool.

JD gets annoyed with so many things that a friend told me “It’s good that you have a blog for release”.  JD agreed, adding that “too bad postal workers in the 80’s didn’t have blogs”.  Below is a DalyDose of pet peeves.

TRAFFIC – Driving in Los Angeles is bad enough.  We have traffic and many vehicles, bikes and people to pay attention to.  WHY do people have to make it harder.  Here are JD’s vehicular/traffic pet peeves:

  • Walkers who cross the street and walk…real…freakin….slowly.  If I were to run one down, I’d be the bad guy, right?
  • People who speed down a parking lane to get one or two cars ahead and the cut back in.  I’d be in favor of laws allowing those people to be shot on the spot.
  • Close followers.  Seriously…there is no reason to be so close as to smell my exhaust.
  • The 3rd, 4th and 5th people who turn left after a light has turned red.
  • People who speed past backed up traffic and cut in like their time is more important that everyone else’s.

LANGUAGE – At this point, English is still a language…sort of.  I am not exactly the language police, but there are things that drive me to drink.  Well, the sun coming up does that, but pair that with these annoyances and we’ve got problems:

  • I hate that so many people don’t know the difference between lose and loose.  I even read an argument in a forum where one person called another a looser!  It’s probably not exactly ironic that the one calling someone a loser misspells  it as looser, but it’s gotta be close.
  • Can people PLEASE finish sentences?  There is this lazy thing that people do where they end with “so…”.  It goes something like this:  “We’re going to Disneyland and have an extra ticket, so…”.  Sooooooooooo what?  So, it sucks that they don’t want me to go?  So, I should drop everything that I am doing to go to Disney?  Finish the sentence!!
  • Nothing turns me off more than marketing speak.  When you tell me a recipe, you don’t have to add the words “fresh” and “organic” to the ingredients.  When you tell me about the salad you had for lunch, do not describe it as HUGE.  To me, a HUGE salad would be served in a bowl the size of a tub.  I could go on and on about this one.  There might be an entire entry devoted to marketing speak.

ECONOMIC BEHAVIOR – These are rough times and people like to complain about stuff when they are part of the problem.  Sorry, but I don’t want to hear the moaning and complaining if you are part of the following:

  • WalMart Shoppers – Keep buying that cheap stuff from 3rd world underage workers to save a penny.  Keep supporting the employer that doesn’t pay a livable wage and aims to be the only game in town by undercutting prices and putting other businesses out of business.  You think the prices will go back up then?
  • Foreign Car Buyers – I read a statistic that 1 out of 6 American jobs are somewhat tied to the American automobile industry.  I know people who won’t even CONSIDER buying American because of an imagined “quality gap” that has been closed.  Even the problems that Toyota is having doesn’t deter the most zealous from badmouthing American ‘quality’.

POLITICS – Political talk annoys me.  I don’t get annoyed with WHAT people think, it’s how they represent their point of view.

  • Headline Scholars – I have come across so many people who make passionate political statements that sound like mini headlines with no supporting article.  They have little to no knowledge about what they’re talking about, but can spit out spin what they learn from sound bites.  These are the people that “love” and “hate” different politicians.  They never actually know this politician and usually know little about their actual politics.  It seems the less they know the more passionate they are.
  • Us vs. Them – The whole “us vs. them” thing in American politics is  not only counter-productive, it’s annoying.  There are people who only want to associate with other people who think just like they do.  Is that a sign of insecurity of thought?  I actually seek out people with varying points of view and it’s frustrating trying to find people like that, who can discuss these things intellectually and not get personal.

PHONES – I love my phone.  It’s the greatest communication tool that we have.  We can talk, text, email, surf the web, take pictures, Facebook, Tweet, etc.  Unfortunately, it’s also one of the single biggest sources of annoyance out there.  Don’t believe me?

  • Speakerphone – I hate speakerphone.  I said it.  I mean it.  I have nothing else to add.
  • People who talk on the phone and make you feel like YOU need to be quiet.  I was sitting at the counter at CPK once and a guy came in and sat down and had a phone conversation going on for his whole meal.  I really felt like I needed to keep it down as to not interrupt his precious phone call about nothing.
  • Private Callers – I just made a connection with someone else today who agrees with me on this one.  If you are calling me and you are so super secretive about who you are, then I don’t need to answer the phone.  Who are you calling that you don’t want them to know who you are?  If you are so scared, then WHY are you calling them at all?  Please don’t tell me that I don’t understand and that it’s a safety issue for women.  Really?  I have to reiterate my plea that you should stop calling people who make you feel unsafe.  I also have to add that showing up in their caller-id is not going to give them any clue as to your physical location.  Either way, those calls go directly to my voicemail.
  • Texting while talking to me.  I have been known to text someone who is sitting in front of me, because it’s the best way to get their attention.  Lame.
  • Texting in the movies.  I know that the latest news about your best friend’s non-existent love life is a gripping tale, but the rest of us don’t want to be distracted by your blue glow while we try to watch the movie.

OK, that’s enough for now.  JD’s starting to get a bit riled up right now.  That is no good for the Original JDE or JDE2 or any future JD Experiences.  Maybe I’ll have an adult beverage and start the weekend out on a happy note.  I hope you enjoyed reading a sample of what my pet peeves are.  I really hope that you are working towards never exhibiting any of the behaviors that set me off.  That really is what’s best for everyone! 🙂  So says JD.


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