DalyDose of…Reality?

TV Smashed With Hammer

This image is like a dream come true whenever I even happen to pass a reality show title on my television!

This just in: Jeff Daly has pitched and written a one-sheet description of a reality television show!

Those of you who know me, are SHOCKED!  I loathe most reality television to the point where I once declared on a phone conversation that “anyone having anything to do with reality TV should be rounded up, shipped to an island and the island should be vaporized with a barrage of nuclear bombs”.  I often go on these rants, but this time the voice on the other side of the phone said “You know I was on Survivor, right?”.

JD Googled.  JD confirmed.  JD was uncharacteristically speechless.

Don’t worry.  She has a great sense of humor and we have since become great friends.  I only hate her because she disproves my theory that all reality people are fake, soulless, evil creatures that are to be avoided at all costs.  Yeah, I have to admit it, she’s pretty cool.  That’s the only exception right?  No.

  • My own sister was on season 2 of Big Brother, so is it in my DNA???  Noooooooooooo!
  • When I started managing the apartment building that I currently live in (www.collisapartments.com – currently have a 2BR/2BA avail), one of my sister’s Big Brother housemates lived here, so is it fate??  Nooooooooooooooooo!
  • Oh that’s not all: One of my good friends was on The Bachelor.  I’ve met several Survivors from my friend mentioned above. Since I’ve flocked together, am I de facto a bird of a feather?  Noooooooo.

I still despise reality television and I even take it so far as to question the intelligence of anyone who watches that lowest form of entertainment.  Yes, I judge those who partake in the viewing of reality.  I’m not perfect, I know…but at LEAST I don’t watch reality! (FYI – I am cracking myself up right now)

So how did I get to a place where I am pushing my own reality show idea?  Well, I do love documentaries and I like to think that what I’m doing is more of a docu-series with some positivity where personal growth is not only on display but inspired in those that watch.

Wish me luck!

I wish I could pitch The JD Experience and it’s sequel, JDE2.
I mean, wouldn’t people wanna watch my
Gluttony episode?
I **know** people would have enjoyed watching my classic
eHarmony dates.


This is really hard for me to say out loud….which is why I am typing it.  I actually DO watch a reality television show.  I have been lured by “Undercover Boss”.  It appeals to the business side of me.  It documents something that I think should be done by more CEO’s on a regular basis and it is positive in nature.

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  1. ok let me hear your reality show pitch…

  2. Oh my god I love you JeffDaly. I miss you immensely! Can I PLEASE see you soon?

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