DalyDose of…Stuck on IMDb

“That JD is legit.  Seriously…IMDb him and you’ll see his latest project: ‘Stuck’”

In the wide world of entertainment if you make a film and it doesn’t appear on the IMDb (Internet Movie Database) website, then it’s almost like it never happened.  When I shot my short film “Stuck”, I knew that I wanted to get it listed. 

(Note: Stuck can be found on IMDb here!  You can also see the original DalyDose of…Stuck blog post with video.)

In the “old days” if you wanted to get into IMDb you had to make your film and then submit to the editors and hope for the best.  You could also submit to festivals and getting screened or winning awards would help your cause.  You could also do a modified rain dance with equally unpredictable results.

Fast forward to Amazon.com buying IMDb.com and a little know company called WithoutABox.com.IMDb Logo  What withoutabox does is centralize the submission of films to film festivals.  You put your information into their system once and then you can painlessly submit to multiple festivals.  Before you think this is utopia, please note that you still gotta pay up for each festival.

So the parts of the ecosystem are

  • Amazon – the online retail giant, where you can buy just about anything
  • IMDb – the online repository of entertainment data and implied giver of legitimacy
  • withoutabox – a way for filmmakers to more easily spend their money submitting films to festivals

Since Amazon is the parent company, they used their sales driven moxie to develop a retail opportunity for filmmakers.  They made a way for us to, in essence, buy our way into IMDb.  Here’s what you do.

  1. Make your film (woo hoo…you did it)
  2. Make an account with withoutabox.com
  3. Add your film information
  4. Select a “qualified” film festival to submit to (I found one with a $15 early submission fee)
  5. When the festival gets a copy of your film, it will be added to IMDb.

That’s is. You’re done…well, almost.  My film made it through, but all of the data did not.  I had to manually update it after waiting the two weeks and determining that the auto updating has some glitches in it.  You can also upload your video to IMDb, but there is currently no way to track the number of views. Boo! 

So, that’s all for today class.  Your homework is to check out “STUCK” and Jeff Daly on IMDb.


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