DalyDose of…Starbucks???

So I met a girl “for coffee” at Starbucks today.  YEAH RIGHT.

Starbucks LogoWell I did meet a girl and let’s call her Ariane because…well…that’s her name.  I met her because a mutual friend asked me to meet up with her about moving to Los Angeles.  Try as I might, I was unable to persuade her to resist the lure of Hollywood.  Please forgive me, all of you freeway commuters.  I was unable to keep yet another car from choking our traffic arteries even further….but I tried.

Please note: This blog entry will tangent and rant and ramble – all in one hopefully semi-coherent posting.

While we were there, I noted that I don’t drink or even like coffee and I wondered out-loud about why people always seemed to choose to “meet for coffee”.  Blah.   I also told her that had this been a date, I would have refused to “meet for coffee” or “go for sushi”…seriously, I mean it.  Oh yeah, I’m not hiking on a 1st date either, although that is up for reconsideration because the price is right.

JDE Credo: I don’t do sushi because I won’t pay that much money for what is essentially groceries.  I also think sushi ‘chef’ is a misnomer since they don’t COOK, they ROLL.  I find that if you take sushi home and cook it – it tastes exactly like fish.  Hmmmmm…what was I talking about?

So Ariane hasn’t bolted for the door after my rant and she is actually laughing.  This girl has a sense of humor.  She just might “get” the whole universe of awesomeness that I call the JDE.

Note: You can read about the JDE here in the original posting or here in the second posting.

She ordered a Green Tea Latte thingamajobber and I got an Izze Blackberry carbonated juice hootinanny.  I knew this was a feisty one when she offered to pay and I told her that she was NOT paying for me and she just…uh…ignored JD.  “You don’t take orders very well”, I said.   She replied “No, not really”.  I quickly retorted “Well, we might have a problem because I’m really great at giving them”.  She laughed more…she’s a good one and when she’s moves here permanently, she and her friend…let’s call her Stacey because, well you know…we’ll have to integrate them into the “full JDE”.

So her green thingamajobber was finished and she got a bunch of napkins to cover it up.  You KNOW I can’t let something like that go so I inquired and she actually worried that people would think the green drink was odd or gross or somehow not a good thing.  I quickly advised that she shouldn’t give a rat’s behind what the “GP” thinks.

JDE Vocab Note: GP = general public, aka, ‘the masses’, which isn’t you people, my loyal DalyDose blog readers!  😉

I found it a great editorial on how sensitive we are to what people might think of us.  Apparently, it isn’t limited to our choice in clothes or hairstyle, but also with the drinks we get at Starbucks???  I was reminded of a quote from the girls who run RPM Fitness Studio where I learned how to Spin and how to teach Spin:  “people are way to concerned with themselves to worry about judging you”.


We sat and talked about her classes at the Actor’s Bootcamp in Burbank and her plans for moving here in a couple of months.  So we were chattin it up about life, love and entertainment and somehow a little impromptu improvisation thing happened and I happened to utter a new drink for Starbucks: The Jeffuccino.  The name came up a couple of times in our convo and then it came up in full on creepy voice when talking about my gigolo options for revenue generation.  Umm hmmm…good stuff.

After that I alerted her about the dating pool that she’d have to deal with in Los Angeles, but that’s a WHOLE ‘nuther blog entry.  Don’t get me started right now; it’s late.

Have you ever met someone who is funny, but doesn’t realize it?  Or how about someone who has an interesting perspective, but hasn’t recognized it?  I had the pleasure of hanging with someone who has both and knowledge of neither.  To remedy, I suggested either a private journal or a public blog.  She mentioned that she might not know what to write and I was self-challenged to write an insightful and entertaining blog about our “coffee meeting”.  How’d I do?

What do you actors think of journaling/blogging as a tool to expose your unique perspective to yourself?  I think that writing down things and making sure to include editorial comments is a great way to flush that stuff out upon review.  I promised that if she did that, that I would help her write a short film based on something I find in her writing.  I guess I just publicly obligated myself to doing that.  I owe her though.  She inspired a short 2-person scene that I’d like shoot when she gets back and she may have steered me to thinking about teaching in some capacity.

JD…uh Jeffuccino…self promo: Ariane hasn’t seen “Stuck”, so I’m linking here for her, but if YOU haven’t seen it, please feel free! 🙂

“Remember people that in Los Angeles, it isn’t always about raw talent, but you MUST have confidence and charisma”  –Jeff Daly circa May 2010 – Starbucks somewhere in the Valley, CA


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