DalyDose of…Sweat!

“Sweaty is the new sexy” –JD

It’s May and the month-long celebration of my birth has begun.  If the calendar wasn’t an indicator that time is adding up on me, then the pictures sure tell the story.  It’s time to get on the JD body composition improvement program.

If you’ve been tuning in you know about the following:

  • Biking – well, that didn’t work out so well.
  • Running – OK, that’s been done a couple of times and might make a return appearance.

So now I have decided to do something active and exhausting 6 out of 7 days of the week for the next month.  I’ve got most of it covered:

  • Monday, Wednesday, Friday:  I am teaching Spin as a sub for the month at RPM Fitness Studio in Toluca Lake at 7:30am.  Come one, come all!!
  • Tuesday – on Tuesday nights I’m in a co-ed 7v7 soccer league in Manhattan Beach.  You can keep up with our team on Facebook.  You can also read about one of our (few) glorious victories right here in the blog.

So that’s 4 of the days taken care of.  Now I have to fill two more of the days.  I think I’ll add a hike in on the weekends.  So no I have to fill in something on Thursday.  What should I do with this unscheduled time and the need to  exercise?   I could peruse Trader Joe’s or other hot spots around town to look for the…uh…most “private” of training.  Now, I’m not just a man being a man, but there is real scientific proof that this is an excellent form of exercise.  What, you don’t believe me?  Read about it here and here and here!  For anyone who can use this information to better their health and happiness, no thanks are needed.  I like to think that I’m doing a great service for the people.  Any single ladies out there looking for a “workout partner”, let me know…I’ll conduct interviews over happy hour! 😉

If nothing materializes from my happy hour interviews then I’ll mix it up with some jump-rope, running or whatever else I can find to do.

Please do not forget that May 21st is the should-be-national holiday knows as JD-BDay!  🙂  Celebrate with me OR in honor of me!!

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  1. If you want on Thursdays we can go run together! It’d be fun to have a buddy and I can run up to your place! But then we should have victory beers after and you drive me home cause it will be dark by then. Brilliant, I know…

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