DalyDose of…BDay Worlds Colliding

For those that didn’t know, May 21st was the national holiday that most of the nation doesn’t know about: The JD-BDay.  We held the event at Kress Hollywood and I kept up the celebrating all weekend.

My California life has many different worlds (I sometimes call them universes).  I am always reminded of George Castanza when I see my people talking to each other when they come from those very different worlds:

Now, in George’s case he was worried about just two worlds – one inhabited by “independent George” and one inhabited by “relationship George”.  In my case there were all kinds of worlds: Manhattan Beach (soccer), Valley, Actors, College (Kalamazoo College, Michigan), Workout, etc.

I mean, it was crazy.  I had it all going on:

  • Democrats talking to Republicans
  • Ivy League educated lawyers talking to street educated criminals
  • Mac talking to PC
  • Psychologists talking to Scientologists
  • Wives talking to their husbands girlfriends.

See what I’m saying?  kuh-ray-zee.  I may or may not be kidding about a couple of those examples.

As the weekend went on, my friend from Junior High back in Kalamazoo drove up from San Diego and we hung out on Sunday.  We were supposed to go to Catalina to do the new Zipline Eco Tour, but there were some 10 foot waves/swells and the boat got cancelled.  Whatever.  Well, we went to Saddle Ranch and had brunch and saw another friend who’s a waitress there…she’s from my acting/Ghost Recon! pilot universe.  Later we went to Barney’s Beanery and ran into a couple of people from my Valley/production universe.  It was a trippy experience for me.

I had a great time and I love seeing all of those worlds interact, it just always freaks me out a bit.

Next think you know, I’ll be colliding internal worlds and doing crazy things like “friend zone” promotion…or worse, having to initiate an “emergency Facebook photographic management operation!”

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