DalyDose of…Random MyTube

A worthy compliment to YouTube is clearly MyTube…not an adult themed video site, but rather a collection of self-important YouTube Videos. -JD

At times, I get bored and inspired at the same time and decide that I need to do a “no-excuses”, quick project.  I don’t allow myself to get bogged down in writing a script or getting together good lighting equipment or anything.  These projects have all consisted of a total cast and crew of ONE. 

No award-winning performances or cinematography or writing or…well…anything.  It’s all just good fun and my version of a scratchpad.

Please enjoy the following videos and coincidentally a journey of different JD hairstyles!

Anyone who knows me knows that I’m all about the children…the futre.  I’m a biological uncle to one, and an honorary uncle to several.  I identify with them because we’re on the same emotional and maturity levels! 🙂  I feel a responsibility to keep kids safe too, so I made the following Public Service Announcement. I don’t understand why no stations have picked it up.


One day, I was waiting to go out with this girl.  She was typically Hollywood late and I had one hour before I had to leave.  The challenge, come up with an idea, shoot it, edit it, upload it and post it all in under that hour.  I had seen a marathon of MTV Cribs and decided to try a scaled down version called “Kitchens”.  (Don’t worry, I changed before the date!)


I sometimes flirt with the idea of doing a video blog/monologue combo thing that I called a Blogalogue.  This was the first one and it covered a serious topic.  This is a very special moment in the JD Experience.


At one point, I gave myself the challenge of writing a “serious” monologue to contrast with the mostly comedic content that I create.  Well, it read serious to me on the page, but I’m not sure how serious the performance was.  It might not have helped that I have zero real-life experience with illicit drugs! 🙂

WARNING: It has come to my attention that MyTube is an actual adult-themed website.  Do not go there…unless that’s your thing, then feel free!

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