DalyDose of…Random JDE

Life may not be random, but mine is!  -JD

There are things that happen, observances that I make and experiences that I…uh…experience.  They aren’t all significant enough for their own blog entry so they get slammed together in a collection or randomness.  Sweet randomness for you.  Enjoy the following random version of the Jeff Daly Experience:

*Beverly Hills has 2 hour free parking structures and offers the convenience of meters that take credit/debit cards.  West Hollywood has lame and confusing parking rules and I witnessed tickets being written on Easter.  Is Beverly Hills more secure in their municipal-hood?

*The best place to meet quality women seems to be in the frozen seafood section of Trader Joe’s.  This is a strange, but true fact that I will illuminate on in a future blog entry.

* I was ousted as the Foursquare mayor for Barney’s Beanery.  Surprisingly, this bothers me enough to concoct a plan to get it back.  Plan on seeing a lot of me in the next week or two my chummy bartender peeps at Barneys.

*I know SO many women who have had “sponsors” or sugar daddies.  These opportunities don’t really happen for men.  Is it because a kept man loses some of his manliness and thus becomes less attractive so said shuga  mama?

*If you take a Spin class do NOT ask the instructor if they play “good music”.  I always answer “No, I find that people prefer bad music”.  Would you ask an artist if their paintings are “good”?

*My case for watching sports for those who act like they are above it all: “The athletic arts are spectacles to behold, much like other forms of art and culture. To deprive oneself from any is to limit one’s universe.”

*I hate to feel intellectually superior to the masses, but do people REALLY not know the difference between “lose” and “loose”?

*If I cook for you, I care.

*My friends always say that they’d quit their jobs if they won the lottery.  If I won the lottery, I’d get a “real job” and do exactly what I wanted to do and see how long it would take me to get fired.  Good times.

*When people ask me how I am, I always respond with something like “OUT-STANDING” or I take a moment to reflect and declare “Significantly above average”.  People never expect an extremely positive answer.  Welcome to the JD Sandbox, masses!

*I work from home, often by myself.  I have a water cooler and I sometimes stand around it when I’m talking with you on the phone.  So, you’re like a co-worker to me and you didn’t get me cake on my birthday.  You suck.

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