DalyDose of…JayeQ Music Vid

Ladies and gentleman, I’d excited to present the latest Jaye Q music video, “Don’t Say”.  I was so happy and proud to direct it.  I love the song and hope y’all like the video.  Read below after watching for more…


Jaye Qwww.jayeqmusic.com
Singer/Songwriter, Producer, Lead Actor, Craft Service

Jeff Dalywww.dalydose.com

Dilip Isaacwww.blueimagesfilms.com

Sterling Crosswww.locationsound.com
Sound, Producer, Artist Management

Valisa Tatewww.valisatate.com
Lead Actress

Dennis Jarmanhttp://www.facebook.com/dcjarman
Actor (tough guy, music exec.), owner of condo that we used for location

Andria Farrellhttp://www.imdb.com/name/nm3772384/
Makeup, Actress (counter girl, servin up Snapple) – I’m resisting calling her a video hoe! ha ha

Byron Logan

LA Pizza
Pizza Shop Location


OK, so now you know the team.  What a great team, huh?  We managed to have a party like atmosphere and still get stuff done.  I know, I know…it’s hard to believe that I’d have fun on a set.

JDE Notes from production:

We had a little Kalamazoo crew represented there.  Jaye Q, JD and Valisa all hail from Kalamazoo and Valisa flew in from NYC to play with us.  I hadn’t seen her since I graduated.  So I guess we had a bit of a reunion as well, huh?

Andria came in and did a great job with makeup for everyone.  She was so good that I wanted a lil touch up before I would get BEHIND the camera.  That’s not strange, is it?

JD made up some new directing terms.  The most popular was when I instructed actors to go Jeff left or Jeff right.  I mean, I had to find a way to make it more about ME!

In addition to making everyone else look good, Andria looked great herself.  We HAD to put her in the vid.  She’s the counter girl slingin Snapple when the video starts.

Dilip, the sound guy was a beast.  He moved so efficiently and professionally that the rest of us felt inadequate.  At least he was quiet and didn’t out-JOKE anyone, right?  WRONG!!!  He told us this one: “Why does thunder come after lightning?  Cuz even God has to wait on sound.”

Valisa was great to work with.  Never mind that I had a crush on her and her sister in Kalamazoo.  Now, I’m all grown up and I was directing her.  You know how this Hollywood story ends…ummm hmmmm…with me looking at pictures of her husband and daughter on her iPhone.

We all got into a big discussion because Andria and our mutual friend Gabriella think it’s funny to call me “harmless”.   Valisa didn’t get why I thought that was an insult.  Sterling and Jaye Q were like, “I wouldn’t want to be called harmless”.  I told the story about how it started.  Andria was working makeup on another job and I told her to text Gabriella and tell her that this Jeff guy was being creepy.  Gabriella texts back “don’t worry…he’s harmless”.  Valisa finally agreed that it was an insult. 

Sterling should be called Radar.  He either can get or knows someone who can get….ANYTHING…and usually for a great dealio.

Dennis, Jaye Q and Sterling make up a melanin enhanced version of The Three Stooges.  They riff off each other and absolutely crack each other up.  They also made it a game to pick on JD, so I got lured into their little game, but there are only three Stooges (at one time), so I’ll wait in the wings until they kick one of ‘em out.

I don’t want to give too much away, but Sterling shared a great idea with us for a script.  There’s a black guy and a white guy and they become…roommates.  That’s it…that’s the idea.  Guess what it’s called?  “Roommates”.

I haven’t met Byron the editor, so…uh…I got nothing funny to say.  Byron, you need to hit me up so I can get to know you and tell a funny story about you.


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