DalyDose of…XtraNormal Rapper

“If it’s funny with basic animation and a deadpan computer voice…it’s FUNNY”  -JD

OK, so we all saw the iPhone vs. Evo video, right?  If you have had a life recently that didn’t involve countless hours on the computer, go ahead and click the link if you want to see it now. It IS funny, but (WARNING) the language is not suitable for work and/or children.

That video was made using the website www.xtranormal.com.  I went there and thought I’d give it a try.  I downloaded their desktop app called “Slate”, but you can do the work via the online service directly.

So…I thought I’d get one of my monologues and type it in and try my hand at directing an XtraNormal character and camera angles.   It took me a bit to get used to it, but I was able to finish this short video. 

Background Rapper–by Jeff Daly for DalyDose Productions

My next assignment will be to master the camera commands and character movements.  I also want to try the feature where I can upload my own voice…cuz…ya know…the more of ME, the better! Smile

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