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YouTube is amazing.  It’s like the digital scrapbook of our world, but it’s crazy.  Sometimes it’s crazy fun, sometimes it’s crazy creepy, sometimes it’s crazy crazy and sometimes…well, you get the picture.  It’s all kinds of crazy.  These videos aren’t all “fresh and new”, but they all fit in with the loose excuse of a theme that I got going on.  Enjoy all the videos below!

Crazy Unemployed

The cool thing about the unemployment effect of a bad economy is that really smart and/or talented people suddenly have time on their hands.  Here are two great examples of people making the best of a bad situation:

Odd Todd – I remembered this guy’s cartoons from a few years ago. Hilarious stuff and worth going back to.  Check out his site at www.oddtodd.com


Pinkslip Mixers/Edwin – I met Edwin when he started doing single’s mixers and he eventually found his groove with www.pinkslipmixers.com.  This is a cool video that is more serious than Odd Todd, but I like it!

Crazy Vuvuzela

The talented MysteryGuitarMan does a little tune using the vuvuzela made famous during this year’s World Cup.

Crazy WalMart

I hate WalMart.  I considered writing a paper making the case that WalMart is a threat to national security and sending it to the White House and to Congress in an attempt to get them shut down.  Apparently, I’m not alone in my disdain for WalMart.  There is a site called www.peopleofwalmart.com that makes fun of the shoppers.  They also made a song and video.  Good stuff.  Great laughs.  Plenty to think about before you walk into WalMart again.

“The high price of a low cost”


Crazy Inspirational

#1 – No Arms, No Legs.  Tough to complain about anything after seeing this guy.  What an inspiration.


#2 Jessica – This little girl is amazing.  Well, THIS little girl isn’t so little anymore, she’s a teenager now but her dad just put up the video like a year ago or something like that. “I can do anything good


Crazy Funny iFans


This is crazy funny and so true for many of my iFan friends.


Crazy Creepy/Crazy Gross/Crazy CRAZY – Combo Pack

I teach Spinning class and a client brought this video to my attention last week.  I have to warn you that it is pretty darn creepy/gross/crazy.  This is not, I repeat NOT why I teach Spinning.

This is a real product too.  Read about it at: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vulva_Original

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