DalyDose of…Who They Are

“The First Time Someone Shows You Who They Are…Believe Them!”   – Maya Angelou

I have to thank my friend Nancy L. back in Michigan for reminding me about this quote.  She was responding to a status update where I said: “I hate it when people are NOT who you thought they were. I hate to be fooled, but glad when someone’s true nature reveals itself.”

I let these little things from little people bother me and it was so great to have so many of the amazing people in my life show who THEY really are in their responses.  As much as the disloyal, shady and crazy people kill my spirit with their actions, the good people build it back up even stronger.

I’ve been asked “what happened?”.  Well, it’s never one thing that starts a rant or a public display of disgust.  I’ve just recently noticed a few examples of people really not being who I thought they were and it all came to a head.  Here are two examples

Example 1 – Textual Assault

If you read my blog entry entitled “Girls Are Funny” then you know the beginning of the story.  If you haven’t read it, what are you waiting for?  I put the link in the last sentence for a reason.  We’ll wait for ya! Smile

Anyway, of all the people mentioned in that blog entry, the only ones upset were the twin texters.  I was sent texts and emails, complete with name calling and they were IRATE not just with the egregious offense that I would text them both “Welcome home” after a trip that they both took, but that I would write about it in a blog that didn’t even identify them. 

I was decent friends with both of them before the textual scandal and getting to be really great friends with one in particular.  We spoke one night about the whole thing and then…silent treatment.  No return phone calls, no return texts, no return email.  I’m pretty confident that I did everything in my power to salvage the relationships.  Well, everything except claim to understand how they were so offended by my group texts.

Lesson: After she showed me who she really is, I realized that: If a friendship is so fragile, it’s not worth the fight.  

Example 2 – Facebusted

I had met someone at a party and exchanged phone numbers.  A few days go by…Swingers style…and I text her again. (I don’t learn – ha ha ha)  She writes how we really should get together and we plan a Happy Hour meeting in the near future.  I had asked her about Facebook when we 1st met and then brought it up a couple of times in our text exchange.  She always ignored the topic and I figured it was just a privacy thing for her and that we didn’t know each other well enough. 

Well, someone posted pictures from that party and there she was, tagged and all.  I had to click on it, right?  Glad you agree because I did click on it, and…uh…well…MARRIED!  Umm hmm, complete with an album of wedding pics.  No wonder Facebook wasn’t a welcome topic of discussion.

Lesson: Shadiness comes in all packages, even cute, seemingly sweet ones. *sigh*

So now JD is looking to include only good (and sane) people in his life.  Funny and smart are also encouraged to apply, but must lack in shady behavior.

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  1. Zengoddessjen

    Define “shady” LOL.

    P.S. Most women aren’t only “funny” but they’re also irrational (read: the twin texters) and crazy (read: any “woman” who frequents clubs and bars, etc. as a regular source of entertainment and dating pool).

    The reality is that most people aren’t comfortable enough with who they are to be 100% upfront honest with their situation or have such an over-inflated sense of self (or are overly-needy) that they require far more attention than any one person can give them. I would say the later is true in your married woman’s case In the case of the texters, women like to feel special and like they are “the only one” even if they know that is not the case.

    Did I mention that most women are irrational and crazy?


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