DalyDose of…Goin Bananas

I am going a bit crazy and I have no idea what this blog entry will be about.  I am making it up as I go along folks.  Don’t fear…I am a highly trained improvisor and this should end up making sense.  Hopefully, there will be some insight and some “funny” along the way.  Now that I’ve set expectations WAY too high, let’s get going!

Lately, I’ve had to deal with more than my share of sanity deprived individuals.  You’ve read “Girls Are Funny” and “Who They Are”, right?   Add to that my soccer drama and my recent focus on getting back to my enhanced fitness self and you’ve got lot going on inside that skull of mine. 

I’m also writing and plotting the next 3-4 sequels to my short film “Stuck”.  (It’s also driving me crazy that “Stuck” has fewer hits than I have as Facebook friends.  Seriously…that’s ridiculous, watch the video my people!)

So today, I came home as usual from my workout at RPM Fitness Studio where I teach Spinning class on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 7:30am.  When I got home, I noticed the T-shirt that I was wearing and thought to myself, “PHOTOSHOOT”.  Yes, I do love working with my favorite model, so it was 1 T-shirt, 2 bananas, 1 Canon 300D with 3rd Party Remote and a bit of time on my hands.  It’s funny how a quick 20 minutes of silliness can alter one’s mood, but it did.  That has me thinking of all of the goodness that I’ve witness lately too.


Gwen Stefani talks about B-A-N-A-N-A-S!

Before I get to that, didn’t Gwen Stefani talk about (stuff) getting bananas?  Oh yeah, a lil video break for ya.

OK, I did say that I wanted to get into the positive, right?  So, I posted the blog entries that you read about above and all of the supportive comments came raining in.  I also got a few phone calls.  I love my friends.  In fact, two of my friends have had major stuff of their own to deal with and they took time out to reach out.

  • Friend #1 is having serious relationship issues that would consume most of us but she is as positive and caring as ever.  I hope that I’m being there for her as much as she’s always been there for me.
  • Friend #2 is going through a family medical issue with her dad needing a kidney.  SHE still took time to reach out and I don’t think I’ll ever forget it.  To make a case for Karma, she announced on her Facebook that the people around her have all volunteered to be tested as potential living donors for her dad.  This is a testament to his daughter’s goodness as a human being.  Are YOU an organ donor? 

Beyond people that I know, I’ve also been witness to “The Kindness of Strangers”.

  • I was at my local 7-11 a couple of weeks ago and there was a man who was waiting for AAA.  They were going to be awhile getting to him so he walked there.  He had left his wallet in the car and asked the clerk to hold his stuff until he got back.  The woman behind him said “I’ve been there before, just put his stuff on my bill”.  There was the courtesy exchange of “No, I couldn’t”, “Yes, you must” and the deal went through.  I should have thanked that woman myself for preserving my faith in humanity. 
  • I saw a homeless man with a sign standing on Crescent Heights & Sunset the other day.  People with really nice cars passed him by without even a glance.  Then the man produced a large grin as he was being summoned to a really old, rusted and run down mini-van.  He went over to the window reached his empty hand in and pulled it out with what looked like two paper bills.  I wished I had pulled over the van to thank that man for showing that he appreciated what he had and felt compassion for someone with less.  I only wish more people could have seen it.
  • A few years ago when I was bartending, I had to stop on the way home to get some gas.  For some silly reason, I put my wallet on the top of the car and forgot about it.  When I got home, I discovered that I no longer had my wallet and drove back to the gas station and looked all around for the thing.  I was ready to call my banks and get in the DMV line the next morning.  I was actually driving to the DMV when my phone rang and a guy called and said that he had found my wallet on the street.  I met him and everything…every dollar, every card was there.  I offered him some cash and he refused.  When I say that I offered, I was as close to ordering him to take it as you can do with a stranger without appearance dangerous…insistent is probably the best choice of words.
    Dido–“Thank You”

OK, like I said, I’m making this up as I go along.  So, I just thought to look up “Thank you” on YouTube.  I found this song by Dido that was at the top of the search results.  I played it and it’s a beautiful video.  The contrast between her attitude and her situation was an amazing concept.  You might also recognize the song as the hook to the Eminem’s song “Stan”.

She says “Thank You” better than I ever could, so now I’m saying “Thank you” to her for her song, “Thank You”.

A significant contributing factor to my banana state is money.  I mean really, who said money can’t buy happiness?  I’m not saying that they’re wrong, but more money would certainly pay off some of my stress!

Jaye Q.–“Don’t Say”

I’m 100% thankful for any and all the work that I am able to get.  I get to manage this apartment building that I live in, for reduced rent.  I get to teach Spinning class at RPM.  I get to take pictures of people.  Recently, I was hired through RTGit to take corporate headshots for Workway Staffing.  I’ve also been doing actor headshots.  I  recently shot a music video for my friend Jaye Q. and a spec commercial for my friend Colette.  Hey, here’s an idea.  I’ll put the music video right here in the blog.  I like this “no-rules” blogging style.

I’m also thankful for my opportunities with Stormmaker Productions and Saddle Ranch Productions including my gig as host of America’s Minority Health Network.

With all of this goodness going on, why am I turning into a potassium rich, yellow skinned fruit?  (psst, that’s bananas, in case you haven’t been paying attention)

I should mirror the attitude of Dido in the above video.  Time not working shouldn’t be spent overly stressing, but working within the boundaries of my own control.  I should be organizing, marketing, writing, etc.  I should also kick up my search for “her”.  I’m under the belief that every great man has had an amazing woman to nag him out of mediocrity!

While I’m waiting for “her” to show up, I’ll just put it out to the vast masses of the Internet.  Here’s what I think I need to do:

  1. Organize – I hate wasting time looking for things.
  2. WRITE – I really need to jump on this.  I have three feature length screenplay ideas in my head, 1 book, and a few more “Stuck” short films that all need to be written.
  3. Market, market, market – I need to find cost-effective ways to get the word out about all of the services that I offer: Videography/Directing, Acting, Photography, Computer Consulting.

Feel free to cyber-nag me from time-to-time.  I’ll appreciate it and I’ll thank you…eventually.  I might go B-A-N-A-N-A-S in the short term, but hey…at least I’ll get some good pictures out of it! Smile


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  1. Love it my friend… so much talent and love 🙂

  2. Zengoddessjen

    1. how have you NOT heard that Dido song before? It’s been around FOREVER…we’re seriously going to need to talk about your music listening practices JD *SMH*

    2. I got all excited about your search for “her” until I read the part about nagging you out of mediocrity. I have to admit, my heart broke. Here I thought I had a chance but alas, I refuse to nag anyone including the child.


    • 1. We don’t all have the vast music experience of ‘JustJen’! (pssst…what is *SMH*?)
      2. If not by nagging one must find other ways to ‘muse’ a man to greatness! I’m sure you have your ways. 😉

      • zengoddessjen

        *SMH* = Shaking My Head

        I have so much to teach you young grasshoppa

        Muse? hmmm…that brings up images of goddess garb and laurel head dressings (or roller skates and early 80’s dresses ala Xanadu)

  3. By the way, you take AMAZING pictures! I’m a bit of a picture buff myself and to this photogs eye, you are a wonderful photographer. Nicely done!

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