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Sufe Bradshaw

When my friend Sufe asked me to do her headshots, one word popped into my head and created two competing thoughts.  That word was HOLLYWOOD.  I call her Hollywood because she is sooo Hollywood.  She mixes and mingles and meets and greets and networks 24/7.

Hollywood “The Good” – I know the lens would love her and thus make me look good! Smile  I also know that Sufe does market herself and if she’s using pictures that I took, it could also be good exposure.

Hollywood “The Challenge” – she is an actress with actress ‘stuff’ going on.  Some of that stuff is a healthy dose of perfectionism so I knew I would have to be on my game.

We met in the miracle mile district near the SAG building and shot in some alleys and around a building.  We had a great time and got some great pictures, but like I said before her gene pool did most of the work for me!

Sufe Bradshaw on IMDb
Sufe Bradshaw on Facebook

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