DalyDose of…P90X-Day2

“Today, I know I’m alive. I just wished I was dead a few times…” -JD

Here we go again.  I have embarked on a personal “Getting Back To Warrior” program.  Part of that includes restarting P90X which I did 2-3 weeks of before with my friends.  Now, I’m starting it again and I’m doing it by myself in the my apartment, but I’m still connected with some friends via email and a Facebook group.  Now we don’t have scheduling issues and traffic to keep us from working out.

Keep reading.  There’s more…including VIDEO!

You can see in the picture above what I bought from Target.  These are what I like to call my “Tools of Pain”.  There is a simple pull-up bar which also can be used for push ups.  There is also a triple banded resistance band system.  With one trip to Target, I lost about $40 right away with these two purchases.  WOO HOO! Go P90X!

We decided to start our program on Monday.  It’s a 6 day per week cycle and we opted to rest on Sunday.  Sunday resting seems to have been the standard since…ya know…the dawn of time.

Day 1 was a great workout for back and chest. Lots of pulling and pushing and I can still feel it in my back and chest.  The Ab Ripper X was also pretty intense and I can definitely feel my abs begging for mercy.  Thankfully, there is mercy because on P90X you don’t work the abs on consecutive days. Phew.

Today was Day 2 and seriously, I forgot that you can both love and loathe at the same time.  (EDIT – no ex-girlfriend jokes…no JD, NO!)  This Plyometric workout is no joke.  I am not going to bang on the keyboard to tell you how it went b/c I made a post-workout video to do that job. Here goes…

Post PlyoX

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