DalyDose of…Girls Are Funny 2


In the ongoing saga of JD’s single life ,I have been on the front lines of the male to female interactive experience.  I have concluded from substantive experiential data, that girls are funny.  You might remember the original Girls Are Funny blog entry.


Well, text-gate has never been resolved.  I  have extended my hand in reconciliatory truce several times.  I have texted, emailed & Facebook messaged, all with no answer.  I guess I’ve learned how quickly and coldly the immature can turn on you.  Thankfully, I reread my own blog and discovered that these people had already showed me who they were.  I guess I’m blindly loyal and thought it was worth an effort to salvage a friendship.  Apparently, I was the only one.

What was the lesson learned? Well, as far as I can tell the only lesson is that when one is textually active one must practice safe text and never group text when dealing with the textually inexperienced.  Now I know. Oh well, read on for happier topics…

JD’s Baggage Theory

Men love to chase younger women.  Being a man, I thought I knew why, but I think I was wrong.  All this time, I thought it was because of the attractiveness of youthful appearance.  That might be true on the surface, but could there be some deeper reason?  I’ve thought about it and conjured up a new theory.

It’s about baggage; all women have it, but the difference is how it’s managed or more metaphorically how’s it’s “baggaged”.  The theory states that women of all women have issues to pack into baggage, but younger women have cheaper bags with holes in them so the issues tend to fall out.  More experienced women have invested in better bags, so whatever they put in there, stays in there.

I’ve run into case studies of my baggage theory recently.  The hold that an ex can have over a woman is amazing to me.  I’ve crossed paths with a couple of women with the ex in the bag issue.  It’s a tough obstacle to overcome, but sometimes you need a “master plan” (stay tuned)

Want a number” Don’t Ask…Tell

So I was in Vegas working on a video project.  (WARNING: The story is not as cool as the intro sentence would have you believe)  Certain pieces fell into place and I found myself a judge for a Tequila Spokes Model Contest at Mandalay Bay.

We hung out after the contest and partied with the girls and I decided that “nice guy” JD didn’t need to be the airport chauffer to anymore hot women.  I pulled out the “take her number” technique that I had heard about and add a JD twist to it.  Here’s how it goes:

  • Ask the girl if you can see her phone
  • Dial your number (congrats you just took the number)
  • Hand her the phone and say “leave me a message that makes me want to call you” (The JD Twist)

So the confident, bold approach works with exceptionally attractive women, who are the center of attention?  Hmmm, I may have stumbled onto something here.

Ageless Perception

I don’t know if I was in need of an ego-boost, but I got one recently.  There is a woman with whom I’ve worked before in the past and we’ve stayed in touch on Facebook.  When she re-entered the market, there was minor flirting going on.

The compliment came in the form of a obstacle.  She thought I was angling to be a “boy toy”.  I think the words “too bad you’re so young” were uttered.  There is nothing like an attractive woman in your age-range thinking that you are young stud!  Could the P90X and my vitamins be working?

…and the saga continues

So it’s another day of being single in Los Angeles.  What will happen next?  Who will be the next example of “Girls Are Funny?  I don’t know, but it’s a fun adventure finding out!

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  1. You are so funny.. I love to read your blogs.
    thanks for sharing.

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