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Make 10-10-10 Perfect!

As I prepare to go to bed to rest up for my day at Disneyland tomorrow, I remembered that we have a special day coming up.  That day is 10-10-10 and it’s this Sunday.  I am now calling the day:
Read on to find out how to participate…
What I’d love to see happen is for the idea of the day to spread over the weekend.  On Sunday, we should all reject the negativity of all that is going on and post pure positivity.  Post your positivity in pictures.  Post it with video.  Post it in words on a blog.  Post it in summary form as a Tweet or status update.
What should you post? Really? You have to ask?  OK, well…
  • What are you grateful for in your life?
  • What gems of beauty did you see today (10-10-10)?
  • Who are your friends and family?
  • What did you do today (10-10-10) that made you happy?
  • Share your dreams to make your life, someone else’s life or the world even better.
We all have so much good in our lives and it would be amazing to have a concentrated and collective effort at showing it.  We have too much negative news in the world like…never mind, I’m not gonna mess up my post with reminders of all that is wrong in this world.  Let’s focus on what’s great, even if it’s just for one day!
Please spread the word and come back to the comments section here and report where you showed your Perfect 10 spirit! Smile
Happy Perfect 10!

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  1. What a great idea, Jeff! So, far I’ll only be posting it here in your comments but, hopefully by the end of the day, I can spread it into a post!
    1- Lazy Sunday mornings- coffee, the love of your life, chillaxin’…what could be better?
    2- Homemade Yumminess- I don’t care if it’s brownies, a side dish or a full on meal…it’s so great to spend a good time and pour ingredients and love into a dish for your loved ones, only to be greeted with silence interrupted by forks shoveling food into happy, contented mouths is one of the greatest joys of life.
    3- Love- having someone share the important parts of your life with and knowing that they’ll support you no matter what- good or bad- and love you through all of it unconditionally is amazing.
    4- Family and friends- having people close enough to you to know the real you- that THAT smile actually means you’re pretty pissed or that laugh is genuine- and be there for you, by you, with you through all of life’s little gifts and shockers.
    5- Vinyl records- oh vinyl, how I love thee- your crackling and popping sounds, your feel, your whole 12 inches of musical goodness hiding in bins and marked down to prices that reward you for digging through the last 100 other records….ahhh….
    6- Farmer’s Markets- The beautiful combination of community, fresh food, artisanal goods, fresh off the farm flowers, and local music.
    7- Hip-Hop Community- a lot of times, hip-hop gets a bad…err…rap but, it hardly ever deserves it. Hip-hop is an amazing community and nothing showcases it better than breakdancing competitions where little kids will bust out tricks to a roaring crowd, local artists sell their goods, and local musicians will find nothing but love. In many areas and now with all the education cuts, kids don’t have the easy access to canvases or Shakespeare plays or school bands or ballet classes- I think that we need more places to cultivate and celebrate the arts that the hip-hop community actually exhibits. Why do kids with spray cans get jail time and kids with paintbrushes get art schools and exhibits? It’s worth looking at.
    8- Humanitarians- We’re all humanitarians. We all have the desire to do good and be good people. We want to give back, it’s just that sometimes we don’t know how….Now, it’s easier than ever- check out http://www.volunteermatch.org and you can sign on to change the world and build your resume and get new skills all for under 2 hours a week.
    9- The sun shining through fall leaves- as I write this, I look out my window and the sun is sprinkling in through the changing fall leaves that remind us that change is good and fall is on its way to bring us hot apple cider, pumpkin spice EVERYTHING, and the holidaze!
    10- Loving the little things- sometimes in this day and age of insta-everything, we lose sight of what’s beautiful in our lives. Thanks Jeff for challenging us all to look and marvel and enjoy the small things in life. Those small things are what makes life enjoyable and unique.

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