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19Ahh, the mystique of the JD Experience.  I hear a couple times a week how my life seems so action packed and exciting.  I think people get this idea from my pictures and postings on Facebook.  I’m usually quick to let them know that it only seems that way because I don’t post the lame and mundane.

I tried to explain this in my previous video posting about popcorn.  Did you see that one?  I’ll wait.

At the risk of ruining both your vision of my glamorous Hollywood existence and the potential for an exciting JD reality project, I will now present to you my Saturday.

I rolled out of bed at 9:30am.  This was certainly a sign that today wasn’t going to be overly productive, but my internal clock rarely affords me the opportunity to sleep in.  I stepped into the day and made myself a little bit of importance, you know, breakfast: the most important meal of the day.  Yeah, it was a good meal of scrambled eggs with some bacon bits and a bit of parmesan cheese.  I filled myself up and then checked on the maintenance crew of my building.

After that I cleaned up the kitchen and then cleansed my own self in the shower and set myself up for a big letdown.  Yes, I watched the Michigan v. Iowa football game and Michigan found numerous ways to lose the game.  The game lasted until about 4:00pm when I had a couple come to look at my vacancy at www.collisapartments.com.  By the way, I still have a vacancy in case anyone is looking for a 2BR/2BA pad.  They came, they saw, they took tons of notes like they did with several others places and let me know that they’ll let me know.  I hate having vacancies.

I forgot to mention that during the game I used my cellphone to chat it up a bit on Facebook with some people.  I even sorta, kinda worked on a script idea with someone.  Don’t worry, it wasn’t that “Hollywood”!

After the potential applicants left, I decided to investigate why I can’t drive more than 15 minutes w/out the car getting super hot.  Well, my eye laid focus on a “coolant reservoir cap” whose tube attachment had dry rotted and was falling apart.  Uh oh.  I ventured over to the my nearest PepBoys.  That was a waste of time.  While waiting in the parking lot for the car (and my mood) to cool down, I called the nearest Kragen Auto Parts.  Let me go on record and thank them for not wasting my time.  They let me know their incompetence right away on the phone so I wouldn’t have to make a trip.  I then called Auto Zone and Rodrigo assured me that we’d figure something out.

I drove over to Auto Zone and Rodrigo helped me out, as promised.  We couldn’t find the part, but together we figured out a rig up that should provide a temporary solution to the issue.  I’m not gonna call it ghetto, but it consisted of a new piece of tubing and a rubber glove to seal up an opening.

My emergency pit-stop caused me to miss a toddler’s birthday.  I finished up around 10 and decided to hit up Pavillions for some grocery action.  I also decided to try the $1/day movie rental from the Blockbuster kiosk in the grocery store.  I picked up Iron Man 2 and headed on home.  I made some popcorn a’ la the above referenced video and watched me a little Iron Man.

Now I’m writing this in service of you, my readers…may the reality of my life cure your insomnia.

Don’t get me wrong, I have some days that are more noteworthy.  On Wednesday, I participated as a camera operator on a reality pilot shoot with some recognizable actors.  Tomorrow, I get to photograph headshots for a stunningly beautiful friend of mine.  “Being a photographer means not having to apologize for staring at beauty…it’s part of the gig.” –JD

So that was my Saturday.  How was yours?  Let me know something exciting or boring in the comments section! Smile


*the picture above is from “Stuck” – http://www.youtube.com/stuckproject

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