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JDPhotoAD4DealPopI love taking pictures of people.  In this digital age there are so many opportunities for people to make an impression with a great image.  Certainly, in entertainment actors have always had a need for professional photography, but now we are seeing that need translate to people in all walks of life.

With so much interaction happening online, we don’t always get to look people in the eyes and shake hands.  We don’t get that chance to display, not only our physical looks, but our intangible characteristics.  Our profiles can’t accurately convey things like charisma and confidence.  A great picture or set of pictures can help.

Keep reading to see how YOU can probably use new, professional photography services.

Social Networking

I’m talking mostly about Facebook here.  The profile picture is so important.  I’m a firm believer that your profile picture should not be your cat or your child or a sunset, but should always be you.  I mean, how else are you going to make that person you dated in high school jealous?  With cell phones pulling these images for photo Caller ID and even putting them as the contact picture, it’s worth considering a quality photograph.

Online Dating

I’ve been on these online dating sites and the pictures vary from outstanding to ‘what were you thinking?’.  Many times the main picture is the only chance one has to draw in a potential match.  Is your “best picture” actually a snapshot from a party with all of your drunk friends surrounding you?  Or are you standing in front of some historical site in Egypt where the pyramid dominated the picture and you’re this little spec at the bottom right hand side of the corner.  I get it, you want to convey that you’re worldly and love travel (by the way, everyone loves to travel on those sites), but that’s not what is going to attract initial interest.  Get yourself a lovely shot of you that looks like the best version of you.  A good photographer should be able to bring out your personality, as well.

I like to take at least 2 hours with each person because I find the first 30-45 minutes aren’t always the best shots.  People are nervous and benefit from time to loosen up.  Some people feel the need to “pose” at the start and after they get through that we can really start playing and getting something that’s uniquely them.  Getting the real you out there can help in all areas of online interaction, but it can invaluable for online dating.

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Professional Networking

You might be using LinkedIn for business or maybe you have a Facebook Fan/Business Page or maybe you use Twitter.  In all of these cases, you have the opportunity to post a profile picture.  Without question, you can create an image of professionalism, competency, trustworthiness and stability with a professional looking profile picture.

When you pass out that business card to send an email to someone you’ve met, it’s great to have a clear visual reminder about you.  When being referred to someone, it’s great to have a smiling face as that first impression.  Your online profile is another interaction with someone in your world and you want to be well represented and that starts with an photographic image that supports your personal brand’s image.


The most thought about pictures for people are usually their wedding photos, but there are many other opportunities where a picture can help preserver the memory of the moment.  People have photo shoots for: engagements, holiday cards, birthdays, awards, graduation, etc.  If you have a mantel or a bookshelf or even a cell phone, you too can show off your loved ones in style.

Yes, I take pictures of people and right now at www.dealpop.com, I’m taking pictures for a really great price.  If you need a portrait or headshot for any of the reasons above or maybe for something that I haven’t even thought of, jump on that deal.  You have six months to use it and you can even buy two.

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