DalyDose of…Bed Blogging

That’s not just where I sleep; it’s my new writing workspace

It’s early Saturday morning and raining outside. I haven’t mustered out of bed yet, but that doesn’t have to impede my productivity.

I am armed with my Samsung Focus, my new Windows Phone 7 device and I am ready to work. I took the picture about a week ago and tweaked it up with Thumba, a photo editing app. Not too shabby for a phone pic, but I’ll write my Samsung Focus review later.

The BIG NEWS was that WordPress released their own blogging app, which is allowing me to write and publish this post from bed. The app is well put together. It uses the panorama features of wp7 really well. You can use it to write your blog posts and also manage comments and check stats. I’m having an issue with the stats right now, but I’m not too worried. The app has only been out a few days and they’ve already had an update. Hey developers…we love that.

I’m still getting used to typing on the screen so I won’t make this a full review, but so far I am imPressed! See what I did there? I made you laugh in my bed. Wait…uh…thats not good.

Posted from WordPress for Windows Phone


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