DalyDose of…The Rest of The Story

Today I am writing my own Paul Harvey tribute. Please read until the end…for the “rest of the story”.


This was a Monday morning like other Monday mornings, but with a fantastic addition. The light of day had barely begun and my eyes set focus on a face, a familiar, friendly face with a morning smile so bright I barely noticed the lack of solar driven light.

We went into the next room and I instinctively turned on music. I find that music helps with the mood. We eased into things, but eventually worked ourselves into a sweaty frenzy. By the time an hour had passed ,we were out of breath and satisfied with our performance.

We cleaned up the area, dried off the sweat and walked over to the Coffee Bean. We chatted, but what the steamy past of 10 minutes ago was not on our agenda. Well, she only offered reaction to the music and what songs do or not assist in making it “good for her”. As she sipped coffee, I saw an opportunity. I slyly used my hand to manipulate this feminine wonder. I don’t have to look up, her body told me that it was mission accomplished. The desired reaction had been met.

I looked up at that face, that same familiar, friendly face and she was laughing. She had “faked it”. She informed me that what I was doing never worked for her. I set out to try again. My hand headed south to do its work and she instantly responded. I looked up and heard “that might have been real”.



Every word of this story is true, but the simplicity of perspective matched with the complexity of language can create vastly different tales from a single source of truth.

It was a Monday morning and I was teaching a Spin class so the music and the sweat and being out of breath are all to be expected. We did go to Coffee Bean but the only place my hand went in her Southern region was to the knee where I did the ‘ole doctor’s reflex test by gently hitting right below the knee cap. Her only “faking”, was that she consciously kicked.

Now, thanks to a little spin on a Spinning tale (not tail), you know “the rest of the story”.

Here is a little sample of a Paul Harvey radio story.  He broadcast until his death in 2009.  I remember my mom playing these on the radio as a child.  He had a prototypical radio voice, but a unique style that drew you in.  I don’t think Mr. Harvey would guide you on the same path as my story above.  What he will do is draw you a picture with his words and then put a twist on it to add to the significance of what he’s telling you.

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