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I have been single long enough now, since early 2007, that it is starting to seem commonplace. In that time, I have dated quite a bit. There have been many variables that could describe these women in terms of physical traits, emotional stability, intellect, personality, etc. For the purpose of this entry we will look only at age.

Women fitting into a wide range of ages, find their way into my life. I have dated some young women and others that are…(be careful here, JD)…uh…more, age appropriate. I have heard some men complain that younger women are full of drama and old—, ah…age appropriate women are bogged down with their own unique set of issues. My extensive, case-by-case research has lead me to my own conclusion:

Women of all ages have issues, the only difference is their baggage.

Younger women do tend to sway towards the dramatic. Luckily for the men that date them, they aren’t as “rich” in life experience and have cheap bags with holes holding those issues. If you’re not following along, that means they tend to let things go. Sure you have to deal with a never-ending variety of drama, but shake things up and those pesky bits of issues simply fall through the holes of the cheap, swap meet, knockoff baggage of the young.

Age appropriate women generate fewer new issues, but they have advanced to a position in life where they can afford great baggage. I’m talking about baggage that the lovechildren of Samsonite and Louis Vuitton would be envious of. They have lugged around these issues and have them organized, protected and conveniently accessible. You avoid the repeated bouts of new drama, but you’ll endure “experienced” exclamations of “I know what I like” and “I know what I want”. For the love of all that is holy don’t do anything that could remind them of an ex because they know the faults of all humanity, based on their “experience” with any schmuck they previously dated.

These basic truths are hard for men to comprehend. We tend to deal with things in expeditious and logical ways. What we have to realize though is that these things don’t make men better – it’s just that we only carry wallets.


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  1. I love the literal and figurative comparison of baggage, women and age. I would have to disagree that it’s that simple of a difference.

    We all have baggage, some of us are just really good at hiding it. You know why there’s so many storage units for rent? Exactly.

    But, seriously age does not equal mean more baggage. Some of the baggage is acquired at a very young age during our childhood.

    What really matters is how much time these women have invested in recognizing their baggage, delving into their baggage and releasing their baggage along the way. You could date a 25 year old who hasn’t done any soul searching or growing carrying a 150 lb bag versus a 40 year old women who’s traveling with a 10 lb bag.

    Regarding men and their baggage, “Did you see George Castanzas wallet on Seinfeld?!

    • Always love your perspective! Please note that I wasn’t showing preference for either situation, but rather pouncing on a grand generalization that I came up with that I thought I could exploit for some funny.

  2. Very thoughtful perspective ~ however when I go into relationship shopping my motto is the line from Rent: “I’m looking for baggage that goes with mine” 🙂

  3. Lol… So true only I have to say women while we may seem to let things slip from our baggage, truth is we always have our change purse to rely on. Not to say issues will always be in the way just that the younger bag handlers just are not yet invested enough to reveal that the baggage is still there and you are being compared. Maybe its simply because in youth we are a bit more eager to please in age, we have done the pleasing and now want to be pleased. But I did love you post, realistic and I suppose it made me evaluate my own baggage. http://womensexloveandreality.wordpress.com/

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