2011 Mid Year Resolution Check In

We’ve gone past June and rounded into July and that means that the year is now half over.  It was just 6 short months ago that many of us made big promises to ourselves about how we were going to make changes and improve our lives.  How have those resolutions been working out for you?  Have you stayed true to your promises or has the journey towards summer made you forget?

Well, here’s my scorecard:

1.  I tweeted that I’d like to return to a grown up tax bracket this year.  Well…uh…I still have half a year, right?

2.  I started a Daly Photo project where I meant to take and post a photo every single day of 2011.  I’ll admit that I’ve missed a few days, but I’ve been pretty good about keeping up.  Most of the pics have been with my phone, but I pull out the point-n-shoot every now and then and even more rarely, I’ll post something taken with my DSLR.

Feel free to check out the pics and subscribe to that bloggy blog so you can keep me going.

3.  I said that I would produce more this year.  Well, last year I didn’t produce anything, but I did put out Stuck at the end of 2009.  This year we did Textually Active so I have half a year to produce another one.  2 = more this year. 

What?? You didn’t see Textually Active?  No problem, here ya go:

Textually Active–a Stuck experience from DalyDose Productions

4.  The Single Man’s Resolution.  This Top 10 list of 11 resolutions was a favorite of readers, but it didn’t always serve the real life JD so well.  There was this woman who I met at an event and we ended up being friends.  One day she asked “JD, is it OK if I tell you something?”.  I said “Certainly”.  She confessed “When I first met you, I thought you were going to be a jerk, based on your blogs”.  I don’t know if she thought I would be mad, but I just laughed.  Oh the power of words.  All is good though as she is another one in the ‘ole “friend zone”.  Such is the life of JD.

If you didn’t read or don’t remember the resolution blog, get thee to read it here:

Here’s how I have done.

1.  Check – never do it
2.  I’ve done it plenty of times, usually to be funny and it ends up HILARIOUS.
3. Check – this is a great new skill
4. Well…uh…yeah, I’ve done this too! ha ha ha (someone will think I’m a jerk for that)
5. FOR SURE…GOLD.  I’m telling you this is pure gold.
6. Um hmm…I did that.
7. I have been good about this
8. No comment
9. Have you been reading?  You know the answer to this.
10. I always stay true to this.  I actually have a blog to write about this specifically.
11. Yup.  Although, I’ve tried to be “open” and abandoned not only the resolution but other standards as well.  I’d say more, but there’s a blog upcoming about this too.

OK, that’s it.  That’s how my 2011 resolutions are going.  I hope yours are going well.  Let me know in the comments!


*I’ve also started blogging with SingleTease…check out my stuff at: http://singletease.com/blog/author/dalydose/

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