DalyDose of…SWEAT!

JDE IconIt was August 31, 2011 and I added a jolt to the JD Experience.  There was need for a kick-start and when the opportunity presented itself, I took on the challenge.  It started with the normal Spinning class that I teach at 7:30, then it was an hour in the weight room, then I taught the 9:30 class.  After that I went home and lived the day like a mere mortal, until I then taught the 6:30pm class after battling LA traffic to only be a couple of minutes late.  Yeah, I think that adds to the super hero thing I got going on in my own mind.  Seriously, in my self-image, I’ve got a cape and everything.

I forgot to mention that I wanted multi-media documentation of the event so after the 9:30 class, I added another 20 minutes of shooting a little sample of my workout.  I used my Samsung Focus (a Windows Phone 7 device).  My towel on top of stuff, made an excellent unplanned tripod alternative.  Anyway, here’s a one minute peek into the remaking of JD.

Some thoughts on the current state of JD:

1.  The fit/fat dilemma.  It’s like the upgraded and tweaked engine inside of a junker car body.  “It don’t look purtee, but boy can that thing go”.  I’ve know people with cars like this.  Have I become a car like this?  Well, it’s time to put this jalopy in the body shop to give it the appearance that the engine inside deserves!

2. It’s women’s fault.  I say this only because it’s true.  Women still dig JD.  If they were to stop paying attention to me and refusing my advances, I’d have to stop and consider what might be turning my target market away.  Eventually, I’d have to go to the packaging and do an upgrade.  Ladies, you are in luck because the new and improved packaging is on the way with the same amazing product inside.

The song is called “Party Town” by my good friend Jaye Q.  You can check him out and buy his music and just generally share the love on his site: www.jayeqmusic.com

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