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JD - Insanity Day 1I started the “Insanity” workout today and let me start this posting on a tangent: Even the fit test kicked my butt!

OK, back to our originally scheduled blog.  I started the Insanity workout today because my internal fitness level did not match my external appearance.  I have a supercharged engine in a jalopy frame and it was time to get to the body shop.  When I finished the workout this morning, I thought about some things that I had been talking about with women that I know.  They all have various reasons for justifying why they don’t think a guy will work out.  Some of them claim intuition, some resort to blaming it on “timing” and some just say that they aren’t willing to “settle”, but are uncomfortable discussing what is an unsettling…uh…settling situation.

What I’ve deduced, is that they are all looking for the Total Package.  This might be a phenomenon specific to Los Angeles, but in my experience being good-looking, funny, smart and extremely charming aren’t good enough for me…I mean men…to find suitable partners.  It’s commonplace for women to complain that media, society and men put unrealistic physical images up as ideals that are difficult to realize for normal women.  I agree, but I don’t think the experience is unique to women.  Have you ever picked up a men’s magazine or even looked at the men in the women’s magazines?  Having a chest worthy of a “Mac Truck” tattoo and an 8 pack of abs seems like something that is just a page turn away, because it is!

For women, fortunately the ideals stop there.  For men, they are compounded with income requirements, nice cars, education, interest in things that we have no natural inclination for (ballet, antiques, art, wine, cuddling).  Men have to be so much to be interesting.  So my ridiculously adorable facial features aren’t enough, I have to get my warrior body back.  Being smart and funny won’t cut it, unless I can monetize them.  Having personality is worthless unless it puts you in situations to get to know “somebody”.

So, gentleman if your romantic game has slipped, it’s likely that you fallen behind in fitness, fashion, culture, income or any of a number of whims that a woman thinks makes you The Total Package.  If you can find a good, solid woman who will have you, while you are on your way up, cherish that real bond as one you can trust in.  She’s a teammate for life!

Ladies when you get off that treadmill and reward yourself with a protein shake and a bowl of kale, remember that is IS unfair; I am not debating that point.  I will say that once you get as close to the unattainable aesthetic ideal as you can, you only need to show that you are interested, for a man to take notice.  Men, on the other hand, after getting as close to the unattainable aesthetic ideal as we can, our work has only begun because we have to become The Total Package in order to make ourselves interesting.

Now let me leave you.  I did my workout this morning and now I have to torture myself into learning some tidbits about poetry and art.  You never know who I might run into.

Please note that I generalize because that’s what I do in a blog.  This isn’t a drawn out study of the wants and needs of women, this is my perspective based on interactions with people on a Daly basis.

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  1. And that’s a “too cute” workout photo! Love it!! 🙂

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