Why Nokia Wins – Post Beta Test


There is finally some good hardware competition going on with Windows Phone.  Samsung and HTC have really been repackaging successful Android devices and Nokia is focused solely on Windows Phone.  That focus seems to be paying dividends.

Nokia is now the best-selling Windows Phone device after being in the market for just a few months.  The reviews have been great and the customer satisfaction has been off the charts.  The greatest testament was when Siri got caught recommending the Lumia when asked “What is the best cell phone ever”.  Apple has since hard-coded the answer to be more Apple friendly, but the customer satisfaction data that Siri originally based her answer on, doesn’t lie.  Now let’s look at WHY Nokia is winning and elevating the status of Windows Phone.

Nokia has declared that with the arrival of the Lumia 900, the smartphone beta test was over.  The cleverness of the campaign and perfect casting of Chris Parnell, illustrates my first reason

why Nokia is winning:

Marketing and Advertising.  They did an actual pre-launch campaign in very big ways, creating attention across the globe.  It was done with ads like this and with stunts like the big New York Times Square event.

Sales Training.  I went into an AT&T store the other day and ran into a rep that was knowledgeable about the Windows Phone devices and was actually excited.  This is all Nokia’s doing.  They provided the training and they dug deep and gave sales reps new phones.  The same trip to an AT&T store just a few months ago, would have been met with a rep steering you away from Windows Phone into an iPhone or an Android.  I now think it is starting to turn the other way around.

Design.  Aesthetics count and Nokia is bringing it.  These phones are sleek with a unibody design that screams quality.

Toughness.  I don’t really know if I have the words to describe how tough these Nokias are, so I’ll just play you another video now.

Seriously…that just happened! Crazy!!!!  I don’t think anyone is running out to try that with their iPhone.

Loyalty.  I’m not going to pretend that everything went as planned with the launch of this phone.  It turned out that there was a bug that affected data connectivity with a small percentage of the phones.  Did Nokia blame the user for holding it wrong?  Did they simply just trade it in or make you wait for an update?  Well, they kind of did EVERYTHING to make it right with the customer. They worked on the fix immediately and put it out in a very reasonable amount of time.  PLUS they let people trade in the defective phones for newer ones that didn’t have the problem. PLUS they offered a $100 rebate, which was what the discounted price of the phone was, for anyone who bought a phone during that time whether it was defective of not.  They essentially gave the early adopters a free phone for having to deal with an inconvenience.  I think that scored some long-term loyalty points with those customers.

Software.  This is what makes them stand out to me.  I was so impressed with the included Nokia software including:

  • Nokia Drive– FREE GPS Navigation with voice guided turn by turn directions.  There were no free options in the Windows Phone ecosystem so Nokia made one of their own.  HTC has one, but it’s only free during a trial and then you have to pay and it’s no insignificant amount.
  • Nokia Transit – a very cool app for navigating public transportation in over 80 cities, currently.  Nokia is aiming for 460 cities in 46 countries.
  • There is also Nokia Maps, App Highlights for discovering new apps & Contacts Transfer

They have also negotiated 3rd party apps exclusive to Nokia, including:

  • ESPN – very cool version of the sports network’s app with features not found elsewhere
  • CNN – a complete interactive news experience, including iReporter for reporting news.
  • The Caddie – already a highly rated app, this version has features only available for Nokia Lumia users.

You can even enjoy what is in the pipeline to come.  They are very open with their beta software, as well.  I have a cool app called Nokia City Lens which is an augmented reality way of discovering all that is around you.  It’s very cool.  Check it…more video…you’re welcome!

Cool, right?  It’s still in beta so it could get even COOLER!

So that’s it for now.  I’m sure I’ll have more to write about my new friend the Nokia Lumia 900 after I’ve used it for a few more days.

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