Apps You Didn’t Know You Needed

Windows Phone Apps graphic from 1800pocketpc.comOK, you have every “must have” that all of the blogs tell you that you need.  Well, I have a few here that you might never have heard of, but I have found them very useful.  I use a Windows Phone, the Nokia Lumia 900 to be exact, but some of these apps are available for Android and iOS.  I’ll let you know, because I’m cool like that.


First up, is my new favorite app.  I look forward to getting junk mail now so I can zap ‘em.  This app, called PaperKarma, lets you take a picture of your junk mail and they get you unsubscribed.  This one is available for Windows Phone, Android and iOS.  I’d tell you about it in more detail, but someone already did a good job and she did it on video.  (Please note that she drops an unexpected f-bomb for some unknown reason)


This app is also available on all three platforms.  This is, without a doubt, the easiest way to track your packages.  There’s no video, but you can go to to see how easy it is.  Basically, you give them your email address and then email your shipment details to them and it finds the tracking number(s) and keeps the app updated.  I’ve used it a couple of times and it was super easy and worked well.


This just in. You can get Newsy on just about every smart platform: Windows Phone, Android, Blackberry, iOS and Symbian.  Just as their distribution is diverse, so is their news.  Their tag line of “multiple sources; the real story” just about says it all.  The news stories are usually 2 minutes or shorter and pull from a variety of sources to give different perspectives on a story.  Newsy covers National and International News, Politics, Technology, Sports, Sci/Health, Entertainment and Business.

Here’s an interesting story out of India about a boy reuniting with his family after 25 years.

OK, here’s one last one for my Nokia Windows Phone peeps…

Nokia City Lens

I’ve been playing with this app and it is amazing!  It’s in beta, but Nokia Windows Phone users should make their way to to sign up for the beta and download it.  It’s really great.  Here’s a video from Nokia about it:

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  1. Pretty cool. Now I know I need those! =D

  2. OMG PAPER KARMA needs to be downloaded on my phone RIGHTTTT NOW! No more male enhancement e-mails for me… considering I don’t have any junk to enhance!

    • Gigi!! Well, you need a good spam filter, my friend. PaperKarma will not help you with your emails. It is for reducing the junk mail that comes with the postal service. They helping you reduce paper waste! It is great to hear about your lack of junk. I’m sure a lot of men are happy that their flirts were targeted properly! 🙂

  3. Might I say that you rule!? That Tracky app looks particularly amazing seeing how at any time I have 400 packages being delivered. Thank you for the suggestion! Oh, and I love the color green in your comments section. Pretty. (Yeah, I know, I’m such a girl.) 🙂

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