It’s Not You…I Don’t Wanna Brag

I Love MusicWith the passing of Dick Clark we lost a monumental force in the music world.  One of the gifts that he left us was his quotable saying that “Music is the soundtrack of your life”.   I’ve always liked that quote and I think I’m going to make that way of thinking a regular part of this blog.

What I’ll do is pick a couple of songs and then give a little commentary on it and how it applies as the soundtrack of my life.  That commentary could be funny or poignant.   Let’s get started with the first DalyDose of…The Soundtrack Of Your Life.

The whole cycle of dating and relationships has changed.  Technology puts us in constant contact, but it also creates a buffer so the uncomfortable can be easier to deal with.  Some themes like the ole “It’s not you, it’s me” are still here.  In fact, here’s a T-Pain song for you to listen to, then stay tuned for a lil JD commentary.  Actually, you don’t have to listen to it…just know that it’s called “It’s Not You”.  The “it’s me” part is explained in the tune.

Wow…I’m imagining texting this link or posting this video to a girl’s Facebook wall…I mean TIMELINE! That would be an oh so modern and non confrontational way to put an end to situation.  Then again, a little confrontation can create amazing closure.  I’ll have to rethink this.  Have any of you ever dumped or been dumped via text or Facebook?  Let’s talk about it in the comment section.

Anyway, in my dealings with the ladies, I’ve noticed that it IS me and not them.  Seriously.  I get all caught up in my standards.  It’s all my fault; I’m the one who unrealistically wants someone with an acceptable level of sanity who can speak in complete sentences and has grown up communication skills.  I’m that unreasonable.  If that wasn’t bad enough, I’m stuck with those Midwest values like honesty, trust, loyalty and I have the nerve to expect that stuff in return.  So yes, it IS me…not you.  Please go find a person willing to put up with a lack of passion for life and goals based on mediocrity.  I’m way too into living life and being the best me and “we” possible.

Phew!  Now that the breakup scene is over we need something for the soundtrack that will set the mood for the search for the next significant other.  This selection is easy.  John Legend has provided me with not just a scene song, but rather the summer theme mantra.  Enjoy and then let’s talk about it.

That’s it! That’s my summer theme.  It’s all a numbers game, right?  I should be able to say “I don’t wanna brag, but I’ll be the best you’ve ever had” as a pickup line….RIGHT?  I mean, women love confidence in a man.  What’s more confident than that?  There is that whole performance requirement to back it up, but worry about that later.  If you can’t hang they’ve got pills and desensitizing crème for you.  You should probably know her name and use it too.  Hmmm…maybe I’ll write a “best she ever had” blog later, but that’s not the point right now.

I’m curious as to how many fellas would feel comfortable playing that role when meeting women.  Also ladies, be honest.  How would you react to someone approaching you like that?  I have a feeling that it depends on whether you are attracted to the suitor.  If you’re not, he’ll likely come off as an arrogant jerk just trying to get in your pants.  If you are attracted, he’ll likely come off as a confident guy that knows what he has to offer and isn’t afraid of putting his….uh…best foot….forward.  I’m just guessing though.  Sound off in the comments.

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  1. Nice post.
    I would definitely be turned off by any man claiming to be the best I’ve ever had. I’ve actually been with a few “cocky” men claiming to be the best and they’ve come up short. My motto is “if you have to brag about it then obviously you’re not it”.
    Showing is so much more than telling. As women, we are taught to watch what a man does instead of listening to what he says.
    On the other hand, if a man says something along the lines of “let’s make it the best together” then I’d be more intrigued and impressed. As always, it’s not about one, it’s about two.

    • Thanks! Although, I don’t think I would ever say anything THAT bold…unless it was an experiment to write about…I do think there is an attractiveness boost to having an almost off-putting amount of confidence. This might play into your lessons of watching instead of listening as the truly confident man wouldn’t waste his time verbalizing, right? His internal realization of his own awesomeness would seem too obvious to have to point out.

  2. Love that John Legend song! But I think it’s okay for him to sing his own praises because he does it so gently and, for me, it’s ultimately unconvincing. Lol And it would be a big turn off for a man to say he’s going to be the best I ever had upon first meeting me and knowing nothing about me. I’d rather hear, “I WANT to be the best you ever had.” That implies he’s willing to put some work in, and I can appreciate and respect that!

    • Hey Monique – thanks for stopping by!

      I might try your rewrite of the John Legend line if I ever decide to try it out for real. You can’t deny the entertainment value of his way. I’d love to see women’s reactions to that! 🙂

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