I haven’t quit acting…

IMG_8402I was having a discussion with a friend the other day and it came up that since my last agent quit the business, I haven’t looked for another.  That prompted her to ask me “Did you quit acting?”.  I responded that “No, I haven’t quit acting…but I have stopped auditioning”  That’s an over-simplified response, but it felt right and most closely articulated my current perspective.  She didn’t get what I was saying and thus she doesn’t really get ME.

The people that I spend the most time with all have an entrepreneurial, pro-active spirit about them.  My friend Natalie and I call it a #NoExcuses attitude.  In fact, we took that attitude to the hills last week to conquer “HOLLYWOOD”.  Here’s a video we made on our way down from the Hollywood Sign.

Natalie and her husband Johnny have a lot in common with me, and it’s not just because they’re awesome people! Smile  They are not content to just wait around for people to hire them to do work.  We all have been working and learning different areas of production and post production.  We are all writing and producing content whenever possible.  I love having them in my world.

My really good friends at Stormmaker Productions, Steffanie and Jason, started their own production company and have grown to where they are experienced in documentaries, feature films, corporate video and place-based digital media.  These people are my family and we are making things happen.

Even my musician friends all take control of their own careers.  They do gigs.  They make videos.  They record and distribute music.  It’s no wonder that just about everyone I know that’s a musician leads their band.  I have musicians all over the place taking care of business, including:
JayeQ – soul/funk
Addey Lane pop
Cherish Lee country/pop
Molly Durand jazz
Nicole Mitchell jazz

I know writers like Jodi Ambrose who have books published and take charge of blogging, Facebooking and Tweeting to keep on promoting and creating fresh content.

A lot of my non-artsy friends also either run their own business or have something that they do outside of work where they are trailblazers or working toward something big.

Those are the people that I like to be around.  I posted earlier as a status update: “Surround yourself with amazing people, ideas & dreams. Don’t forget to BE an amazing person and ACT on your amazing ideas and dreams.”  That’s how I’m trying to live my life now.  I want amazing people around me with vision and motivation and #NoExcuses.

As for me, I’m still writing & doing small “#NoExcuses videos while I’m planning larger projects and one massively amazing idea/dream.  I’m working a lot with my other #NoExcuses partner, Andria Farrell.  In fact, Andria and I made an #NE vid a little bit ago about inspiration.  Here is “Writer’s Block”

Stay tuned!

What about you?  Are you in LA just focused on acting?  Don’t you want to take control of your career and increase the chances for success?  Are you somewhere else in a job you don’t like?  The time is now.  Adopt the #NoExcuses attitude and make stuff happen for yourself.

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  1. Hey there, doll! You are so sweet to mention me! 🙂 I swear, I spend half my life social networking. Sometimes I wanna pull out my hair! 😉 XOXOXOXO

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