A Host of Issues

JD-AMHNTVNot every job in front of the camera is acting…just ask anyone who’s seen a movie starring Kristen Stewart! I kid….I kid!

Besides actors, your screens are also graced with hosts delivering various content to you, on every screen that you own.  As much as I’m known as a “funny guy”, my most-seen work in the biz, is as a host on America’s Minority Health Network (www.amhntv.com).  AMHN plays in doctors’ waiting rooms across the country.

I know, I know…”hosting” sounds glamorous, right?  Well, read on my friends.  Oh…there’s video too.

Admittedly, I have done much tougher work in my life.  I’ve worked in the warehouse of my family’s chemical distribution company.  I’ve been in the Marine Corps.  Heck, I’ve written 20 page papers in one day and night in college.  So, working in a green screen studio can’t really be called “hard work”, now can it?

That being said, anyone who knows me well, will be able to tell you why THIS was the hardest work in the front of the camera, that I’ve ever done.  Please not while watching that I also shot the B-roll.  B-roll is all of the footage that isn’t me talking.  Yeah, I shot that.  Like I said, if you know me, you’ll know why this is a big deal.  If you don’t know me, just know that it was a daunting “feet” …and that I know how to spell! Smile

If you haven’t figured out the obvious, feet gross me out.  Yes, even your perfect, amazing feet.  The following examples of my disdain are true:

  • In response to the question “What about freshly cleaned and pedicured feet?” I answered “In my irrational perception, the water doesn’t clean the feet, the feet just dirty the water”
  • I told an ex-girlfriend that I would love her from head to ankle, but she’s on her own the rest of the way. #howamisingle

The process for the shoots is usually the same every time.  I show up in the morning and change into my suit.  Then it’s to the makeup chair.  I’ve usually had the scripts for a couple of days, but I’m still looking to make sure that I’m pronouncing the medical terms properly and how I’d like to want to break down the copy.  After makeup is done I work with the tele-prompter operator on pace and we rehearse.  The rehearsals this day were hilarious, since everyone knew of my issue with feet and had a great time making fun of me.  I wish we had recorded those rehearsals.  Classic stuff.

I made it through this segment and moved on to the others, which regardless of content, seemed tame in comparison.  The fun part was going out and shooting the b-roll.  All feet; all the time; all day!

So, there you have it.  I am exposed as a “Host Of Issues”!  In the end though, I came through.  I am not a doctor.  Indeed, I don’t even play one on TV, but you might just see me in a doctor’s waiting room, helping you be a better, more informed patient.  To get the job done (WARNING – PUN ALERT) I sometimes have to reach deep into my “sole” to help you “heel”, but when we do it right we “nail” it.  It’s a job I’m proud “toe” do, but now I’ve got to “jam”.  (END – PUN ALERT)

In sports victory is said to be had by winning the game of inches. In this case, it was a game of…I can’t say it.  The pun alert ended last paragraph.

*This is the 2nd time I’ve made fun of Kristin Stewart – the first was in my DalyDose of The Movie Going Experience posting.

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  1. I think you secretly want to LICK Kristin Stewart’s bunions!

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