DalyDose of…Zombies, Run!

PhotoFunia-15e0049Two things that I’m not that interested in: zombies and running.  Who knew that pairing them up would result in some fun and motivating fitness?  I got so motivated that I recorded a short video at the end of my run.

WARNING: This video is unrehearsed and immediately follows a non-runner’s run.  I can’t guarantee the level of awesomeness that you are accustomed to, but if sweaty truly IS the new sexy, you won’t be disappointed!

*photo taken with Nokia Lumia 900 (Windows Phone). Zombie effect by Photofunia app.
Hilarious wisdom and insight by yours truly.  Read on!  WAIT…first the video…

Well, THAT happened.  I apologize.

OK, so the app is a story-based game set in a zombie apocalypse.  You start up the app on your Windows Phone, Android or iOS device and you can choose one of your playlists for music.  I just have the trial version of the app right now…the full version is $7.99, which is premium pricing in app-land, so I want to be sure.  I chose 30 minutes (1 hour is also available) for my run and I was off and…uh…running.  Ugh.  I must still be tired.

So the first segment is the longest part of the story. They have to set the scenario up and get you immersed into the action.  After that, the segments are just a couple of minutes long and then it’s back to your music.

Along the mission you collect things, by simply running.  These things help in the game.  It makes more sense when they explain it so I’ll let them do it.  www.zombiesrungame.com

I found the fact that they thought of this game as simply brilliant. It brings together so many elements:

1.  Fictional story writing – they have an award winning author, Naomi Alderman, writing the storyline.  The story is really important for this to function properly.  I mean, I don’t LIKE running, so it’s amazing that they are going to make running a part of the entertainment and playing the game. BRILLIANT.  They have more stories in development and I might have to part with my $8 to make this happen.

2.  Game play – simply put, the competitive nature of things will push you.  When they tell you that a swarm of zombies in upon you and you need to pick it up to outrun them, you do it or risk losing some of that stuff you’ve “collected”.  Hint: to successfully outrun the zombies, I read that you need to increase your speed by about 20% for a minute.

3.  Your music.  No one wants to hear a book on tape, so they smartly let you pick one of your playlists to intertwine with the story segments.

4.  Fitness – these sneaky developers have found a way to sneak running into your gameplay.  Well, played developers.  They even compliment you during the segments.  Well, maybe not you, but they said that they could see me and were impressed with my pace and dedication.  I know this blog isn’t supposed to be about ME, but..well, the fact that they noticed felt like something I should mention.  Seriously, though, that’s the last thing I say about me and the Olympian way I rapidly and repeatedly put one foot in front of the other.

Oh man…I’m not really capable of NOT talking about myself.  Let’s watch the Kickstarter video that they put together to raise the money needed to make this app.

In summary, I’ll say this; I don’t like running and I’m not a fan of the zombie genre, but I did like my trial version experience of this game.  Plus, like I told you I was like a champion and I believed that they needed my supreme athletic talents to make the…oh man, I forgot that I wasn’t supposed to talk about myself anymore.

What??? You want a pun before I go?  I wish I could, but I don’t have the time…I’ve got to RUN now! mwa ah hah

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