Naughty List Claus

Naughty Clause 1

It’s Christmas time and I had a little afternoon wine to gussy up the courage to send Santa a video job application.

I’m pretty much perfect for the job as you’ll see.  I’m not sure what I could have done to improve my chances.  It IS all about knowing the right people though.  So, if you know Santa or any little elves or even Rudolph, I would appreciate the referral.

I’m counting on getting this gig and I can be a little vindictive, which is something those who refuse to help me out, might want to remember.  You’ll know what I’m talking about after you watch the video.

Actually, I’m going to quit talking (typing actually) and let you click on over to my video job pitch.

OK, here goes….

Just so you know, this was a #NoExcuses, #NoBudget project that I shot with my Nokia Lumia 920 cellphone running Windows Phone 8.  I used the lower res front facing camera so I could see what I was doing and the lighting was horrific.  The Lumia did an admirable job and I was able to knock this out really quickly.  I hope you ENJOY!

Just in case I get the job, please leave me some suggestions in the comment for other people who deserve COAL.

*The coal used in the video is actually candy from Trader Joe’s!  I haven’t had any yet, but read about it here:

(EDIT: I did just have some, they’re like chocolate covered candy canes! Occupy Naughty List members definitely don’t deserve those little bit of holiday deliciousness)

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