Christmas Shopping Lessons

WP_20121223_001Things I’ve learned Christmas shopping…so far:

It’s been a bustling holiday season and many people starting playing Christmas music at Halloween soon to be followed up with crazy shopping the day after Thanksgiving.  Neither of those “traditions” appeal to the joyous pressure of procrastination that I go through.  This year, I made an effort to pay attention to the process and to share some lessons with you.  The value of these lessons is up for debate, which I encourage.

So here’s the Top 10 lessons:

1.  The men’s restroom at Macy’s – Westfield Century Plaza is in the lingerie department. Maximum creepy-perv bait.
2.  If the streets seem empty, the parking structure is likely full.
3.  I’m SUPER easy to shop for…too easy.
4.  Kiosk workers should comprise the sales force of any failing company…they are aggressive and hungry!
5.  They still play Christmas music in there. (I had to take off my ear buds to notice)
6.  Too many people wear ear buds and headphones.
7.  My indecisive shopping habit REQUIRE last minute pressure.  I went last night and couldn’t make up my mind, so I have to GO BACK TODAY! ARG!!
8.  Much like movies, I think shopping improves with the consumption of adult beverages.
9. Adult beverages also make great gifts.  This is doubly true if recipients have children in the ages where loud toys are likely to appear under the tree.
10.  EVERYTHING should be sold in bundles.  Seriously, look how low I sunk just to get to an even 10.

BONUS LESSON/PLUG #1: All of this would be sooo much easier if I got the Naughty List Claus job at the North Pole.
BONUS LESSON/PLUG #2: People must get lonely this time of year as my old EHarmony Review is getting hits.

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  1. Look at you blogging more these days! (New Year’s resolution perhaps?? Starting early?)

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