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WP_20121231_016Today I posted on my Facebook status that “Today is Friday! Do something amazing and earn the weekend!”  My friend Steffanie turned it around and asked me what I was going to do.  Hmmm…people don’t usually turn my orders around on me.

I had to do the building paperwork this morning, so the amazing had to wait for the afternoon.  Of course, as the day goes on more and more things get in the way, but I will not let that get in my way.  This is 2013, which I’ve declared the Year Of The Hash Tag.  That means it’s a paradigmatic shift in my existence to a #NoExcuses, #NoRegrets life.  Amazing HAD to happen!

Amazing productivity assignmentWP_20130104_007

This was also posted on Facebook, but it really is an amazing thing (to me) that a computer guy who preaches backing up, finally buys an external drive to back up his own stuff.

I snagged this little feller from Staples for cheaper than I found it online.  Who knew THAT still happened?  I took it home and set it up to AUTO backup and it will check my folders and back up any changes, every hour while I’m working and do a system backup every week.  I only have to plug it into the computer to make it happen and since I’m also storing photo/video files on there, it will naturally work out and I’ll be protected! AMAZING!

Amazing philanthropy

I think that I should add Philanthropist to my business card.  Seriously, is Bill Gates more philanthropic than I am because of the raw dollar figure that he pours into his causes?  Math works in mysterious ways and I would argue that percentage of wealth is a better measuring stick.  Yesterday AND today, I gave $1 to homeless people asking for change.  I didn’t go crazy and the grand total was probably $5, but recalculated for percentage of net worth and I’m Nobel Prize worthy!  Seriously, just being in the same conversation as Nobel winners is AMAZING…even if I initiated said conversation and the only one participating.  My blog…my rules. Ah-may-zing.

Sharing an amazing perspective

Thanks to my Cali family, I was fortunate enough to spend time in San Diego for Christmas and New Year’s.  For the New Year’s portion of the trip, we were at their beach house and it was an amazing time with amazing friends and just general amazement, all around.  Of course, none of that happened TODAY so it doesn’t really count.  What does count is me SHARING a bit of amazing.

On the last day of 2012, I strolled the boardwalk between the Pacific Beach Pier and the Mission Beach Jetty in San Diego.  I think I saw that they are 2.4 miles apart and since we were in between them, I walk the same distance as going from one side to the other and back or 4.8 miles.  That’s not amazing in itself, but the perspective of the views and the meeting of the oceanic and continental masses that we refer to simply as “the beach” is kind of awesome.  That interaction between land and sea and how they affect each other kind of left me in…wait for it…some awe.

I took some video clips and I put them together.  I did no real editing and I added no audio.  I just pieced the clips together and let “the beach” tell its own story.  I hope you like it and I hope you (and Steffanie) think that my putting it together and sharing it, is AMAZING!  Smile

*all video shot with my Nokia Lumia 920, a Windows Phone 8 device!
BONUS AMAZING: Apparently my Hello 2013 entry inspired at least one person.  Check out the new blog by thatwindygirl and give her some new follower love.

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  1. Love the beach and the amazing thing I did today was post my first blog..
    thank you for the encouraging words and I stress courage in encouraging words..

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