WP_001322 (1)Cali-strations: pictures taken during a day that, upon reflection, illustrate something about my California experience.

Having an amazing camera in your phone, like I do with my Nokia Lumia 920, there are days when I take pictures of things without even thinking about why.  Our devices are so convenient and I constantly use mine to discover and create shareable content, while also forcing myself to view, examine and appreciate my surroundings.

Today was one of those days that I took some pictures and had no idea why or what I would do with them.  When I looked at them later, I made two collages. (FYI – I use two collage apps: PhotoGrid and Phototastic)

Today’s Cali-strated theme is “Pretty on the outside – Weird on the inside”

Cali-stration 1 – “Pretty on the outside”


I walked outside today and I saw these really pretty flowers growing in our common area.  Like many of the people here in Los Angeles, they were downright gorgeous to look at and they seemed to scream for attention.

Sure, they probably don’t “naturally” grow here, so in that respect they’re “fake”.  You’ve got to look past that, because everywhere you look is something enhanced, enlarged, reduced or otherwise fabricated. That is in the character of the geography.

In the end though, they are very pretty to look at and if you have one, other’s might say “fake”.  They’ll be envious though and eventually, you’ll see some similarly beautiful specimens under their…uh….fertilization.

Cali-stration #2 – “Weird on the inside.”


Location: Burbank Mall.

There were a few vacancies in this mall and the lowest level seems to be more playground/mini-carnival than shopping mall.  There IS commerce happening, all without the added burden of providing employment for the economy.  Yes, the parallel is that the mall, like many people in SoCal, lacks humanity on the inside.

Many people here are pseudo-environmental, but more so when people are looking.  They can also be a super pretentious, especially if they know they are being “seen”.  These vending machines mirror both character traits.

Order caviar online where no one will know that you paid HOW MUCH for some fish eggs? HA…head down to the Burbank Mall and put your fancy pants on public display.  You do need balance, though.  Get your old cell phone or tablet or MP3 player and go get some green for being green.  You can now recycle your old gadgetry in front of significant foot traffic, to show that you are a better person than everyone who just walks by.

In Summary

The people of Los Angeles have a reputation for being shallow…good looks on the outside and a strangeness mixed with a lack of humanity on the outside.  I’m not saying that the  stereotype fits everyone, certainly not you fine inhabitants of the JDE, but the stereotype has plenty of supporting evidence around town.

A single picture is worth a thousand words, but a collection of pictures can very easily communicate one thought.  I call it a photographic Cali-stration of the situation.

NOTE: Both story pictures taken with the Nokia Lumia 920. The picture of the Lumia 920 was taken with a Nokia Lumia 900. Both of these are Windows Phone devices.


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