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Since I started my phone-tography blog… What?  You don’t know about that?  OK, stop what you’re doing and bookmark

As I was saying, when I started my phone-tography blog, I knew that I was going to need to keep the content fresh.  That means that I would need to find things to shoot wherever I find myself.  This scene here seems pretty uneventful and not a likely subject of a photoshoot, right?  Well, check after the break for what I was able to find in this spot.

If you look almost in the center of this picture you’ll see a bush with a cluster of flowers.  Yes, this would be my subject and I would get up close and make that little cluster look like a big field of flowers.  I chose to get macro with it and thankfully, my Nokia Lumia 920 armed with the ProShot app is very good at capturing what I set out to do.  FYI – I also put my Fhotoroom app to work by adjusting the white balance, black point and a touch of sharpening.


Of course, I got philosophical about this and had to remind myself and anyone reading my thoughts about paying attention to what is already around you.  There are wonderous things to be discovered; Sometimes you just need to change your perspective, look closer and focus.  Wait…am I talking about photography or life? Hmmmm…that whole life = art/art = life thing.

I try to employ this thinking as much as possible.  I mean, I can definitely be a realists and I probably even thought today that I wasn’t going anywhere cool enough to get a new shot for my phone-tography blog. (You’ve been there, right? –  Now, I have several shots that I’m going to have to choose from.  fr635004371700733718_jpgThis is a decent problem for a photographer to have and an even better one for a blogger to have.

I hope more people out there can examine something that they take for granted today and look at from a different perspective.  It could be your job, your significant other, your neighborhood or even that oh so familiar person that you see in the mirror.  Find a bit of amazing in them all.  It’s there.

Now, I gotta get over to the other blog…you know the one, right?  I’m not going to tell you three times. If you don’t want to go over there I can take a hint and then a drink to get over it.

Please feel free to leave your amazing discoveries in the comments section.  By “please feel free”, I mean DO IT NOW!

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